Practice before you Preach: Doc Coll Conference Prep

RDP will be running a series of practice sessions in June and early July. If you are presenting a paper or a poster at the Doctoral College Conference and would like to run through it with us, please book in on one of the dates below.  We can offer impartial feedback, some tips on presentation skills, and the opportunity to use our training room screens.

Weds 19th June 10-1 (Meeting room 10)

Weds 26th June 10-1 (Meeting room 10)

Thurs 27th June 11-12 (Meeting room 10)

28th June 2 – 5 (Meeting room 10)

1st July 10-5 (Meeting room 10)

5th July 1 to 5  (Meeting room 10)

We will offer 30 minute slots within these times, allowing time to present and get feedback.

To book: please email RDP with the subject heading ‘Doctoral College Conference Preparation’ and which of these dates are suitable for you.