FREE LinkedIn Learning Access for all Surrey Researchers

Would you like the opportunity to develop a wide range of research and transferable skills through expert-led online courses? The University has recently begun offering free access to LinkedIn Learning to postgraduate researchers and all staff. To help you get started, the Researcher Development team have put together collections that may be useful for postgraduate and early-career researchers, including courses focusing on statistics software, time management techniques, and productivity tools.

LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop technology-related and creative skills, with more than 10,000 courses. It includes personalised recommendations so that you can discover, complete, and track courses related to your field and interests. You can also choose to add these courses and related skills to your LinkedIn profile once you’ve completed them.

Activating your LinkedIn Learning account

To take advantage of the University’s LinkedIn Learning subscription, you will need to activate your account using the following link while connected to the campus Wi-Fi network:

If you have any problems activating your account, or any other questions about accessing LinkedIn Learning, please email the People, Culture and Inclusion team at

Course Collections for Researchers

The Doctoral College Researcher Development team have curated some collections of courses to guide researchers to potentially useful resources. These collections have been put together based on the relevance of their subject matter and the course ratings they have received, but not all of the courses have been comprehensively audited by the RDP team. If you have any feedback on the content, or have suggestions for additional courses we could add to these collections, please email

Once you have activated your institutional LinkedIn Learning account, each link below should take you directly to the relevant collection of courses:

Quantitative methods and statistics for Postgraduate Researchers

This collection focuses on quantitative research methods, statistics training, and stats software packages. It includes introductory statistics courses, as well as courses focusing on SPSS, R, Python Statistics, and Tableau.

Project Management and Productivity Tools for Researchers

This collection focuses on task and project management techniques and tools. It includes courses on time management techniques, and introductions to various tools including Gantt charts, Trello, and Evernote.