Corrections & Completions Season

In the Doctoral College, we aim to provide support for researchers at every stage of their doctorate and beyond. Every December we hold a few events that are particularly aimed at those who have already submitted their thesis or are nearing the end of their registration period. The focus is on planning and managing any corrections, writing support, and career planning. We hope something in this package will be timely and useful. 

Part of the reason for organising this package is to remind you that support from the Doctoral College continues to open to you. All our workshops and resources are available, and the careers support even extends beyond graduation; alumni can access the same advice, as well as our alumni network. 

Throughout this week we’ll release some interesting blogs here, too, on subjects such as Turning your monograph into a thesis, Responding to examiner feedback, and Career planning in an unpredictable world. 

Workshops for Corrections and Completion season 

7th Dec, Editing: tips on making your editing work systematic and professional, based on techniques used in academic publishing. The focus is mainly on copyediting and proofing

13th Dec, Focus Zone: If the hardest part of writing is sitting down and getting on with it, then Focus Zone might be a blessing. Just join the meeting, and the ‘pomodoro technique’ helps to break tasks down into manageable chunks; chatting with other researcher in the short breaks helps, too. 

14th Dec, Plan it Do it: This edition is specifically aimed at people planning their corrections or final edits. What helps you to keep going, and do you have a clear idea of your timeline? Come along to share tips and resources with others, and spend a little time plotting your way to completion. 

15th Dec, Mini writing retreat: Block out some time to work on those irritating corrections and edits. We’ll help you find the headspace, with a writing mentor on hand to talk through targets and techniques. 

15th Dec, Completers Researcher Café: In between all the work, don’t forget the benefits of a relaxed chat now and then. Why not pop into the Café for an hour socialising with other researchers, including others in the same boat as you. 

22nd Jan, Research funding – the basics: Planning your next move? This workshop is a great place to familiarise yourself with potential sources of funding, and the art of the successful funding application. 

The full list of scheduled workshops can be found on our calendar page. Places can be booked through Surrey Self-service