AcWriMo 2023 Programme

We are very pleased to welcome AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month) to Surrey again!

AcWriMo takes place every November and provides a great opportunity for our doctoral researchers to engage in some writing development activities and make progress with their academic writing.

Have a look at the AcWriMo 2023 programme below and sign up for as many sessions as you want. You can register for most of them here, unless stated otherwise.

Nov 110:00 – 17:00Virtual Writing Retreat
Nov 211:00 – 12:00Workshop: Careers Express: CV Writing (virtual)
Nov 711:00 – 13:00Workshop: Writing Coherently (in person)
Nov 714:00 – 16:00Media Training Session from ‘The Conversation(virtual) PLEASE REGISTER HERE
Nov 811:00 – 13:00Workshop: Thesis Writing: Literature Review (virtual)
Nov 910:00 – 12:00Workshop: Writing a Thesis by Publication (virtual)
Nov 1010:00 – 12:30Writing Café (in person)
Nov 1310:00 – 17:00Virtual Writing Retreat
Nov 1411:00 – 13:00Workshop: Writing Concisely (in person)
Nov 1510:00 – 13:00Training session by the Government’s Open Innovation Team ‘Storytelling for Impact: Communicating Your Research to Policymakers’ (virtual)
Nov 1610:00 – 12:00Workshop: Writing a Confirmation Report (in person)
Nov 2010:00 – 14:00Using Microsoft Word to Create a Template for Your Thesis (virtual)
Nov 2014:00 – 15:00Workshop: Developing a Narrative CV: Getting Started (virtual)
Nov 2211:00 – 13:00Workshop: Getting Started with Thesis Writing (virtual)
Nov 2310:00 – 12:00Workshop: Writing Critically (virtual)
Nov 2410:00 – 12:30Writing Café (in person)
Nov 2811:00 – 13:00Workshop: Writing Coherently (virtual)
Nov 3010:00 – 17:00Virtual Writing Retreat

Have a great AcWriMo and happy writing!