My international exchange at City University of Hong Kong

The reason why I wanted to study on an international level is because the world is becoming increasingly globalized. Everyone is linked through technology by various means, making communication easier and more affordable.

For the global career path I am pursuing, studying in Asia was the perfect choice for me. Having the opportunity to spend an extended period of time immersed in Hong Kong’s unique cultural mix of ancient traditions and fast evolving modern subcultures was a phenomenal way to start analysing how people around the globe are similar and different from me.

Having such an understanding is crucial to developing an international business, which is essentially why I chose this experience. The most successful organizations and companies are those with an international outlook who strive to change and move forward in accordance with the changing global business environment.

Hong Kong is well known for being an international financial hub; their advanced expertise and highly ranked teachings. It’s also a beautiful place to go hiking, especially as the weather is so humid all the time. Night hiking was one of my favourite memories, as the city has so many night lights, it was great to watch. As the semester finishes early in comparison to the UK term dates, it also allowed me to go lone backpacking and open my horizons further. This rapidly advanced my interpersonal skills.

Living over there allowed me to try many new things, such as eat octopus and take part in many K-POP dance classes. This was definitely a memorial experience, as I had to pick the moves up in Cantonese. In terms of the club nights, if you’re a girl the deals are amazing as you have weekly ‘ladies nights,’ which means free entry and drinks in the clubs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you also have the option of staying on the streets and going bar jumping, as the street parties go on until first trains. The trains are called ‘MTR’ over there and with an additional 50% off, as we’re students, travel is next to no money. It is very cheap. As you’re on the university’s property, accommodation is also low cost, everything else I’d highly recommend budgeting for.

Despite the great atmosphere, as a pescatarian life was a lot harder; as I don’t eat meat and a lot of their products contains pork. This being the case, I found myself mostly cooking to save costs and make my life easier.


Letisha Larmond, International Business Management