Study Abroad in Singapore

Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl – BSc (Hons) Economics

Hi everyone, I am Ieysaa Bin-Suhayl and I recently undertook a study exchange abroad in Singapore for one semester, at Singapore Management University (SMU). I study Economics BSc and since I went abroad during my second year, I studied the same modules in Singapore as what I would have studied at Surrey, meaning I needed to pass my modules at SMU just like I would have to at Surrey.

During my time in Singapore, I had the opportunity to not only meet Singaporeans, but people from all across Asia. If you are really interested in learning and experiencing multiple other cultures, I highly recommend studying in Singapore. Although Singapore is smaller than other locations, it is a great hub where numerous Asian cultures come together. Whether you are more interested in East Asia or central Asia cultures, you will definitely find them all in Singapore!

Now, although I highly enjoyed my time in Singapore, I know for sure you can enjoy your time in whichever country you study abroad in. As exchange students, you will most likely meet many other exchange students, from all continents, who have similar interests as yourself, such as exploring the country! Additionally, studying abroad is a great way to understand the world and yourself much better. 

Below I will describe a few pictures during my time in Singapore to give you an insight into my weekly life at SMU. 

The above picture was at the SMU Japanese society event, where we got to meet Japanese workers in Singapore and learn some Japanese! 

Here I am at the SMU Wushu society weekly session. I was able to learn some Kung-Fu, which was amazing as I had never experienced this before!

As for this third picture, I was part of the SMU chess team where we managed to win 5th place at a university tournament! 

You may have noticed, but I was really fond of joining the university societies and participating in their events. It was a great way to meet more people and build much closer friendships!

All in all, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity and a once in a lifetime experience for many. It may seem daunting at first to move to a country without knowing people, but you will quickly meet other exchange students and chances are there will be other people from the University of Surrey going to the same university as you! Furthermore, studying abroad, especially if in a different continent, will undoubtedly be an eye-opener to the beauty of different lifestyles.