Study Abroad in Maastricht

Aleksandria Rusimova – BSc (Hons) International┬áRelations Study Exchange at Maastricht University

Hello, my name is Aleksandria Rusimova, I am a third-year International Relations undergraduate. I did a study exchange in Maastricht University in Maastricht, The Netherlands. 

The decision to take part in studying abroad was easy to make – I have always been interested in learning about new cultures and meeting new people hence why I started studying at the University of Surrey as an international student. When choosing which host university to apply to, I took into consideration that I wanted to still be close to countries that I am familiar with while also having easier transportation routes. I also looked at the rank list for the provided universities and my degree and chose based on that.

When everything was finalised, it came time for accommodation. Finding a room in the Netherlands is a bit hard – there was an ongoing housing crisis in all parts, however, if you start looking with enough time ahead, you will find the perfect match for you. 

Everyone talks about going out of your comfort zone and how you find yourself when doing it. That is what I did with moving to another country for the second time. It taught me so much – mainly that I can for sure do everything I put my mind on. It also taught me that I am strong mentally even if my mind is going against me. I learnt so many new things about my personality as well as getting new skills that are going to be useful in life.

Learning about their nation, their traditions, and their mindsets positively changed my perspective on life. Dutch people are very friendly and I had such a fun time trying to learn more about their language and cuisine. 

I joined the ESN Maastricht when I first arrived there and that was probably one of the best decisions. I participated in some of their events such as the International Kitchen where people from all around the world brought their national dish; the Discover Holland Weekend where we went to Rotterdam, Leiden, and Gouda where we saw the process of creating the famous Dutch gouda as well as seeing the famous windmills of Kinderdjik; the Hollywood cantus where I experienced what can I best describe with a combination of Oktoberfest and karaoke night.

It was a pleasure to be part of this journey and if I could do it again, I will. Tot de volgende keer! Tot ziens!