Wonderful things happen here

Frankly, the decision of studying abroad is never easy. Staying 6000 miles away from home, 8 hours apart from your family and friends might sounds frightening. However, by sharing my own experience as an international student at Surrey, I hope I can show you why “Wonderful thing happens here” and why studying abroad is one of the best experiences you could have in your life time.

Getting here

Going to University of Surrey is my first time stepping on the land of the Great Britain. 13 hours of flight (more if you are taking a transit flight) is really tiring. Luckily, Surrey provides meet and greet program for international students and by the time I arrived London Heathrow airport, student helpers from Surrey were already there welcoming us. Very soon, we got on the coach and started our journey to our new home- University of Surrey!

Apart from the meet and greet program, the university campus is easily accessible. It only takes around 30 minutes to get here by Taxi and around 1 hour by train. If you are travelling by Taxi, make sure you book your taxi before you arrive as taking a public taxi cost a lot more. If you are travelling by train, the university campus is located in the town- Guildford. You will have to take bus from Heathrow to Woking and then change train to Guildford. After arriving Guildford, you can take buses operated by Arriva and go to your hall in Campus or Manor Park in just a few minutes!