First thing- we study!

Studying abroad is truly fun and enjoyable, meeting new friends, living with people from around the world, etc. Yet, do always bear in mind- we came here to study!

One of the reasons why Hong Kong students chose to study abroad or study at University of Surrey is because they provide wide range of subjects for us to choose from. Many of these subjects were not taught in any Universities in Hong Kong, for details please refer to:

Apart from your own subject, you can also study a new language in University of Surrey. You can study many different kinds of languages such as Spanish, Korean, French, etc. for free! However, all these language modules are credits-bearing for undergraduates so please make sure you engage to the studies like any other modules! For details, please refer to:

Another course that you might want to sign up for is the English Language Support (ELS) Programme. They provide classes on English grammar, academic writing, oral, etc. If you think you need to improve your English, feel free to check this out:

Lastly, if you got any questions or you found any difficulties regarding to your studies, SPLASH is always here for you! Apart from useful workshops on study skills such as referencing, you can also go to drop-in sessions or make an appointment with a learning adviser to discuss on our own academic work.

Help and support are always available on request, lecturers and tutors are always happy to answer your questions regarding to the modules, so don’t be shy to ask.