Surviving? Housing

Finally let’s get back on our surviving series!

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As international students, having a place to live is extremely importantl! Luckily at University of Surrey, accommodation is guaranteed for first year and international students.

At Surrey, there are mainly 6 types of student accommodations which range from Band A to Band F. Rooms are located on Stag Hill campus (together with other academic buildings), Manor Park and Hazel Farm. For details for each band of room, please visit:

Hazel Farm is 5km away from campus which normally takes 20 minutes by bus and 45 minutes on foot. However, all residents living in Hazel Farm are provided with a free bus pass which allows them to ride any Arriva buses in Guildford. Hazel Farm is the quietest campus and it’s the best way to meet close friends!

Manor Park is relatively closer but it also takes 10 minutes by bus and 20 minutes on foot to go to stag hill campus. Yet, it’s closer to Surrey Sports Park where you can go and exercise anytime you want!

The rent of your room includes broadband and belonging insurance so you don’t have to worry about things being stolen(yet you need not worry about that- Guildford is very safe). Except band F, which is studio flat, all rooms are self-catered and you have to share kitchen with 6-14 students depending the court and band. Kitchens are equipped with stoves, fridge and freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster, iron, ironing board and vacuum cleaner. However, beddings, cutlery, crockery, etc. are not provided and you have to buy it yourselves. Besides, there are also single sex flats available in some courts. There are also student mentors and warden to look after you during your stay at Surrey. Mentors visit students regularly and you can tell them things concerning you at the moment.

It is also a popular choice for students to move off campus. It is a valuable experience as you have to ber responsible of yourselves when you’re somewhere overseas. Every small thing such as house seeking, talking with landlords and dealing with contract, etc. can enable you to explore something new. Moving out with friends is also very ideal for continuing students as this can increase your bonding with your peers at Surrey.  The accommodation office at Surrey provides University managed houses which is a relatively safer choice as the accommodation office will be your landlord and the person you to talk with. For details, please visit: