Surviving- Transportation

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Although I’ve talked about transportation in most of the previous blog entries, it is still a good idea to gather all information about transportation in one post as well as to make my surviving series more complete!

Bus services in the University of Surrey (together with Manor Park and Hazel Farm) are operated by Arriva. Hazel Farm resident will be provided with a free bus pass. Other students can buy a 12 months bus pass or 3 months bus pass at a discounted price of £148 (12m) and £66 (3m). Some students chose to buy 3 months as they only need to take bus during winter, which is a clever choice! Also, you can use the bus pass on any bus operated by Arriva within Guildford.

Last year when I was living in Manor Park, I bought bus pass as it is more convenience for me to go back during short breaks. Bus services are very stable during weekdays so you need not worry about being late for class if you caught the correct bus. However, as I live on campus this year, I didn’t buy bus pass as I don’t take bus very often. Therefore, I only buy tickets from the bus driver every time I take bus. There is single and return ticket available to every destination so just tell the driver what you want and where you are going. For example “Return to Manor Park please” or “Single to town please”. It might seem obvious to some people but I didn’t know how to buy it when I first arrive Surrey!

Besides, if you would like to go to other cities within the UK, there are train and coaches available. I usually find coach tickets from and train tickets from . As mentioned, there are always deals or advanced tickets so just plan your trip in advance and buy cheaper tickets! Also, don’t forget to purchase your 16-25 railcard if you are a traveller!

If you are travelling to Europe or other countries, you can find flight tickets and compare the price at . London Gatwick is the closest airport from Guildford but flight tickets from other London airport might be cheaper. However, remember to calculate the price of train tickets to other airports when comparing price. There is also an option to take train operated by Eurostar at .