Are you ready to go home?

As the duration of our students’ accommodation only last till the end of term (yes you can apply for extension), most international students will go back to their home country during the summer vacation. Yes we miss our family (and pets!), friends and of course, food from Hong Kong, however, are you ready to go back to our beloved home-kong?

If you are leaving your student accommodation, you will need to clean and clear your room before you leave. Yet, it is almost impossible to bring everything back to Hong Kong! Therefore, we’ll need to store our things in students’ storage over the summer.

There are mainly two types of storage companies. First, “self-storage” which you can book for a storage area and pay according to the room size and duration. It is more flexible as you can place things of any shape into the storage area, and collect it any time you want. However, you’ll need to arrange transports (such as booking taxi or “man and van”) and carrying it by yourself. Second, “Collect and store” which you need to pack your things in boxes and pay by number of boxes and the duration of your storage. It is more comfortable and easier as you only have to pack things into boxes and they will collect it by the end of the term and return it to you when you come back. However, they are usually more expensive than self-storage and you will need to carefully pack your things into the boxes of the given size (sometimes weigh). You can always call different companies for a free quote and choose the one which fits your needs.

Also, make sure you have collected your letters, parcels, assignments results; have already met your tutor (if required); cleared your other lockers (e.g. lab lockers) and anything you can think of that must be done before leaving the UK (e.g. buying the skin care product that you have been using for months which is not available in HK?)

Lastly, as Hong Kong is constantly changing, are you mentally prepared to be back? Your favourite shop/restaurant might have already close, the park near your home might have already turned into a building, your university friends are no longer living in the building next to you, etc. Well yes it can be pretty sad yet- change will always be part of our life so learn to embrace it 🙂