Events over the summer in Hong Kong

What time is it? Summer time! Well yes… we haven’t even started our exams yet… but I am SO READY FOR SUMMER VACATION after handing in all my assignments 😀 just can’t wait to go back to #homekong and meet my family and friends <3

First, Surrey is now ranked 4th in the Guardian University Guide in 2016! Studying at Surrey might one of the best choices I have made:


Not many of you might know that I didn’t decide to study aboard till summer and therefore in this entry, I will be talking about events over the summer that might be related to you! It is particular useful for those who have not applied to Surrey and wish to do so.

After receiving my HKDSE results, I discussed with my parents and we decided to see if there are better opportunities – to study aboard. Few days later, I went to one of the agents and see what choices are available to me. Then I met a lovely lady, Laura, who was our country representative and I told her that I am interested in studying culture-related subjects. She looked at my IGCSE and HKDSE results and found out I met the requirements and therefore I immediately got the offer! Except hard work (which can be shown from the results), sometimes it’s all about luck! Hereby I would like to thanks Laura for accepting me into Surrey, hope you are reading this and forgive me not inserting our photo here; I am just too shy to do so!

So, don’t worry if you have not prepared for anything but are interested to study in the UK as there are still lots of chances over the summer!

First, you may go to the agents’ office like what I did, they can always give you advice and assist you with practical thing such as applying for visa. Most of the agents don’t charge you any fee so it’s worth trying. However, always make the final decisions for yourself! You can find the country representatives list here:

Second, there are some education fairs going on throughout the summer, for example, on the same day when HKDSE results are out. Different Universities’ representatives will be there to talk to students and check their results. (Apologies- I don’t know any details yet and I will try to add them in later if I got the information)

If you got an offer- congratulations! Then you might want to attend the pre-departure briefing talk organised by the university to talk about things you need to know before leaving Hong Kong. Don’t worry; you will never have to leave Hong Kong unprepared.

Besides from these official events, societies at Surrey will also organise some social or academic events, such as freshers’ dinner organised by HKPASS or orientation camp by the Hong Kong Society. It’s great to join as you may meet your first (and probably best) friend at Surrey during the summer!