Sharing is happiness!

It is obvious that I love cooking and eating, so I would like to share some websites/ Youtube channel that I enjoyed reading/watching with you! Also, I am only listing the ones which are for Hongkongers as this blog is obviously for us <3

煮家男人 Bob’s Your Uncle:

Some of his dishes are difficult to make yet they are really delicious. And most of the ingredients he uses are available in Tesco and it relatively cheaper than the ones from Hong Kong. (The supermarket which starts with “C” that he always mention lol) HOWEVER- his choice of words might be quite rude to some of you so….hahahahahaaaa

(p.s. there are English subtitles)

Dim Cook Guide:

His dishes are relatively easier and fun to make. I really love the way he take the video 😛

Easy Recipes:

She is a Chinese living in overseas so the ingredients are easy to find and her recipes is really detailed and simple to make.

A huge credit to these websites and channels as they inspired me to cook so many different dishes while studying aboard. And obviously polished my cookery skills so I can cook for my family when I go back home!