Santa is coming to town!

Hello everyone! Hope you all have had a good week!

Today is the last day of the first semester, many students are already packed and ready to go home for a good break. Last weekend, my flatmates and I came together to have a Christmas dinner and we did secret santa! How exciting! We spent a good amount of time cooking, I mean we started cooking at 6pm and ended up eating at 9pm. But considering, there were lots of food to prepare and none of us was a particular good cook, so I think we did pretty well.


here is me and my flatmates! From left to right, Tilly, me, Jon, Alice and Jack!

For many of you from Hong Kong might know that it is common for families and friends to have a meal together occasionally in the weekend, in England, it is common to have what called a “Sunday roast” for tea on a Sunday. We made roast chicken, baked potatoes and a few other side dishes. We also prepared Christmas crackers for everyone. It was a lovely evening, apart from the washing up and cleaning afterwards haha. My flatmates and I are definitely gonna miss each other during our holiday but we just can’t wait to see our family and friends back home!







We might cook a little too much and we all ended up having food babies haha ;P

To update you guys a little bit about my plans for Christmas. I am going to spend a couple of days in London to celebrate Christmas my cousin before catching a plane home! I am very excited to go home and to see my lovely family. Although, I know that I am going to spend time revising for all my exams in January, but some quality time with friends and family will definitely help with my revision!

Here are a few tips to prepare yourself for going home and the long haul flights:

  1. Don’t pack your bags last minute, chances are you will definitely forget to bring something important home. e.g. your christmas present for mum. So pack in advance!
  2. Make a list of what you want to bring home, it helps to organise your packing and trust me you will finish packing much faster.
  3. Hong Kong and England have different weather, so remember to bring clothes that are suitable for the weather in Hong Kong, and a few that is suitable for England to wear on your way back!
  4. Book your transport! Make sure you book all the transport you need, for example, the taxi to the airport and then double check with the driver and make sure that he is coming to pack you up on the day you leave!
  5. Most importantly, don’t forget your passport, ID and tickets!!
  6. Travelling by planes is fun sometimes, however, it can be very uncomfortable sitting in a tiny sit for 13 hours. I know the pain. So make sure you wear something comfy and warm. Bring a book or watch a film to entertain yourself!
  7. Don’t be shy to ask the flight attendants for water or other things you need. Stay hydrated on the plane will make you feel less tired after you land.
  8. Communicate with your family and friends so they know when you are coming back and they can arrange pack ups!

I will continue to post during the holiday and feel free to ask me any questions you might have! I wish you all a lovely holiday!

Diana xx