Easter Break

Hello guys!

Right after my accounting test on last Friday, our Spring break has started! Although we don’t have semester break here like what I had in Vienna when I was doing my bachelor, we have a four week Easter break in the UK instead! How awesome is that? It’s FOUR whole weeks! Over the weekend, I have already taken a good rest and done something which I may not have time for it during the semester. I went to have a nice afternoon out to town with my friends, grabbed a delicious lunch and had a nice long chat with her. Not to mention enjoying the nice weather lately. The weather starts getting warmer now and the best thing is that it hasn’t rained for around a week already! From what I remember, it only happens once for now since I have been in the UK. I really like the weather these days:)

For my Easter break, I have already planned a trip with my family going to Italy and Greece! My family will be coming this Friday and I am so excited to see them! I have been to Italy 3 years ago but I’m sure that the experience of going with family would be totally different from that of going with friends. It must be a memorable and nice trip. I will surely share my experience and photos here afterwards. Don’t forget to check them out later!

After my trip and seeing of my family, I will resume to my study since I still have reports and projects to hand in right after the Easter break. Besides, I need to schedule some time to refresh my German and even improve it. Loads of hard works are waiting for me but I’m sure that after my trip and rest, I would gain energy again to face them. It’s tough and challenging to learn but it’s also fun to explore the academic world, isn’t it? Oh, and I should be returning to my regular workout routine as well. It is always important to keep a good health and lose weight after a nice trip with food!

This is roughly how my Easter break would gonna be and how would yours be? Feel free to leave comments and let us know:)

I wouldn’t be able to blog during my trip so see y’all after two weeks~:P