My Trip To Paris

Hi guys, I hope you all have had a lovely week. The weather has been very warm and sunny, finally I don’t have to bring my great coat every time I go out. As I said before, I am going to talk about my trip to Paris with my family in this blog post. ūüôā

My cousin had arranged a trip to Paris for a short weekend for me, my mum and her fiancé. I have been to Paris before, but I did not get to see much and only stayed for a day there when I went with my school. So I was really excited that I got to go visit Paris again and this time with my family!

We stayed there for 4 days in total, and went to visit a lot of places. On the first day, we went to visit Notre Dame. The cathedral is over 800 years old and has lots of history and story behind it! The building itself was marvellous, and the inside of the cathedral was really nice too. There are many small individual statues built around the outside of the building as column supports and water spouts, the stained glass windows which you can see more clearly from the inside were very beautiful too.



Afterwards, we went to a very famous book store called “the Shakespeare and Company”, the first book store “the Beach’s shop” was opened in 1919 by Sylvia Beach, the shop served as a gathering place for many young readers and writers at that time. However, it was closed and never opened again due to the German invasion in 1940. The second one was opened in 1951 by George Whitman, it was originally named “Le Mistral”, but then was renamed as “Shakespeare and Company” in 1964 in tribute to Sylvia Beach. Today, the book store serves as both regular bookstore and as a reading library, specializing in English-language literature. The is also a small cafe opened next to the book store. The book store has became a very famous tourist’s attraction.

IMG_6562 IMG_6564 IMG_6559 IMG_6566 IMG_6567

On the last day, we went to visit¬†Ch√Ęteau¬†de¬†Versailles ( the Palace of Versailles). None of us have ever been there, apart from my cousin. It was kind of funny that she has already been there for 4 times! ahah The weather was really nice and sunny that day so it was a very comfortable visit. We walked around most of the palace and went to the garden as well. The garden was my favourite. It was really big and spacious, no wonder why a lot of people only go there to visit the garden.

IMG_6712 IMG_6689IMG_6694 IMG_6690 IMG_6668IMG_3741 IMG_6669  IMG_6657 IMG_6676 a little cheeky macaroon here ;pIMG_3749  IMG_6619 IMG_6686

This is the pretty much what I did with my family in Paris. I hope you enjoy reading my post!


see you next time! Diana x