AGMs and Events Around the Campus!


It’s the time for the AGMs (annual general meetings) of different societies to elect their new members of the committee. I participated in those the societies I have joined, such as the Taekwondo club. It was a competitive election and it’s so nice to have our new committee members. This year’s committee have been doing a great job and helping the club a lot by organizing training camps and socials, helping us in competitions and ordering team jackets, t-shirts and equipment! It’s indeed one of the best club committee I have ever met. I am so thankful to have them throughout the year and I am already looking forward to next year’s committee!

Except all the AGMs, there are also many other amazing things happening around the campus these days. After submitting two important group assignments last Tuesday, I decided to go to “Blues and Comedy” on Thursday evening. It is one of the events organized by our fellow students who are studying event management. It was a live comedy show by different skilled comedians with foods and drinks to enjoy. It was a nice chance to get ourselves relax and the atmosphere was nice. There are also quite a number of other events with different interesting themes. For example, “Surrexcellence” was hosted earlier before which is an Oscars themed awards ceremony and banquet aiming at celebrating the success of our Uni and the societies. Students can basically get dressed up and enjoy their night with great food, the awards ceremony and entertainment. Another interesting event will be holding is the “International Bollywood Express” which provides Indian performance and Indian food and beverage! All the money received by from the tickets would be donated to charity. For me, it’s a nice to support our fellow students by real action while we can also donate money to someone in need. It’s just meaningful to do both at the same time! But one thing has not been done very sufficient is that the promotion of the events since quite a number of my friends who are not under the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management have not heard about these events.

Another nice evening during the week was last Friday when I went to live music show in the Ivy Arts Centre with my friends. It was held by our fellow students from all years playing a variety of instruments in different bands. They covered a range of different music styles including jazz, Rock, Folk, Acoustic guitar, pop etc. The crowd and atmosphere made the evening so nice and we could buy some drinks to enjoy. What’s surprised me is that there was a song named “Hong Kong” performed by a Korean student! My favourite performance was the cover of the song “Runnin’” by Beyoncé. What would be nicer than listening to some nice music performed by our friends with some drinks in a Friday evening, after a tough week with all those assignments and projects? I just wish there would be more music shows coming up!

Are you interested in these events? What’s happening around you all? Feel free to comment and tell me!