Jelena’s is back!

Hello the HK blog! It has been a looooooong time since I last posted on this blog so let me introduce myself one more time.

I am Jelena and I am currently studying Sociology, Culture and Media in final year. I went on placement last year back in Hong Kong, which is also why there wasn’t any post from me for more than a year! Anyway, I am back with the team 😀


Thanks to the international team- I have been able to help with some recruitment events in HK and I am still there in the introduction box so some of you might have actually seen me. Please say hi if you see me hanging around on campus, I am really bad with names but I can always recognise faces so don’t be shy:P


Last year I am lucky enough to work with two really different companies. I am really grateful for the opportunities and experiences I had- will share more about it in the future posts! However after working for one whole year, I can finally understand why the “adults” always say studying is the best time of our life- yes it is! I am now trying really hard to try new things and gain new experiences, I will also blog about it in the future post and hope it helps everyone- not just future students or freshers. SO PLEASE STAY TUNED!

As I am back to the team, feel free to email me with ANY questions or just to say hi at ! I will reply as soon as possible 😛