Hassle Free Travel: My Trip to Sheffield!

Hello everyone! ¬†I am a new blogger and my name is Katie ūüôā

I have been in the UK for a little bit more than a year now and I haven’t actually been around, except for London. ¬†Before I came here, I thought I would be visiting somewhere every month but it obviously did not happen. ¬†So I decided if there is one thing I will do this year is to go somewhere I have never been before! (and of course to pass my first year) Over a funny misunderstanding, my friend thought I was going to visit her and she was delighted, so I thought, you know what? It’s about time, I might as well!


Over the last weekend, I went to Sheffield and it was absolutely amazing!  First of all, the tickets only cost £13.50 which is not bad at all considering the length of the journey.  Instead of taking the train which is what I always do, I decided to take the bus.  I found my tickets on https://uk.megabus.com/ and was pleasantly surprised with its service.  I expected it to be an uncomfortable ride solely because of the inexpensive price and usually that is an implication of an inadequate quality.  But I could not be more wrong, the company was highly organised, the coach station was easy to find and the bus was quite spacious, I honestly could not have asked for more!


It took around five hours but I eventually arrived and to my surprise, my friend was already waiting for me there! ¬†She has an accommodation outside campus that¬†was very neat, it was an apartment which is quite different from what we have in Guildford. ¬†The next day, we went to the Christmas market and walked around town, ¬†I was beyond excited! ¬†It looks very different from Guildford because it is a bigger city and naturally it is more populated, they had more apartments and restaurants, it was really interesting to see another side of England. ¬†We went to the Winter Garden and the Millennium Gallery, and there were a group of people caroling in the Winter Garden which created a very warm and loving environment. ¬†Both of those attractions were impressive and special in their own way and I’m afraid words alone would not do them justice.


I had a really long time to reflect on the journey home and I did not realize how much I missed my friend until I saw her but I was really pleased to see how well she is doing. ¬†I felt a bit sad and guilty for not going around more last year and I was trying to figure out why-I was always busy with ‘work’. ¬†One piece of advice I would give for people who studies in a foreign country, there is always going to be a reason to not doing something but if an opportunity presents itself, Take It! ¬†Now this is not to say that you should ditch everything and leave, it just means that from time to time, it is okay to take a break and explore the world!


Here are some links for those who are interested or wants to know more ūüôā

The Winter Garden: ¬†https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out–about/parks-woodlands–countryside/gardens/the-winter-garden

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Millennium Gallery: http://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/museums/millennium-gallery/home

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