Updates & First Interview for Placement!

Hi everyone! It’s Diana!

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I didn’t blog last week as I wasn’t feeling too well 🙁 but I am feeling better now so here I am again to share the bits and pieces of my uni life with you! <3 🙂

I have started applying for placement in late October and yesterday I had my very first interview for a research placement in London. I have had interviews before but this is my first placement interview experience and I think that was quite different from a normal job interview. For those who are also interested in getting a placement, this might be helpful to you! So the placement that I have got invited for an interview is a research placement for Psychology students. Standard application process like any other jobs, you submit your CV and cover letter and wait patiently for a response. I have got a response quite quickly from the organisation, less than a week after the deadline actually. I was very happy when I found out that I was invited for an interview ’cause even if I don’t get the job, it would still be a very a good practice for me.

The interview only lasted for about 15-20 minutes and it wasn’t too formal at all. It was a panel interview, which I wasn’t expecting it would be to be honest. There were five panelists and they are all researchers in the field. They were very friendly and overall the interview wasn’t too stressful nor it was too difficult for a student to handle. But I have to say that it was quite intense because they took turns to ask questions about your experience, skills and your understanding of the placement etc and I just kept answering questions. I was quite nervous because that was my first interview and I didn’t answering very well for some of the questions. I hope I didn’t performed too badly or embarrassed myself haha. That was definitely a good learning experience!

While I was in London, I also went to visit my cousin and had a dinner with her. It was good seeing her and her fiancé and they gave me some advice on how to prepare for the interview and how to survive second year. I am still quite busy with coursework and my other commitments such as the research I am volunteering for and my society. Speaking of society, MindSoc is having a MINDFULNESS EVENING on Tuesday 6pm-8pm at GSA. The Yoga society and meditation society had promised to help running a yoga session and a meditation session during the evening! There will be some refreshments, drinks and games and colouring for members as well! We think this will be a good opportunity for students to get rid of some stress at this very busy time of the year. The event is free and everyone is welcomed! 🙂



This is it from me today! See you next time! xx