Escaping England- Trip to Germany (Munich and Black Forest)

I know it’s exam period (despite that fact that I have finished all my exams…) but you still need a break right? Let me share about my trip to Germany over the Christmas break and hope it keeps you motivated to fight for the rest of your exams!I think it’s quite common for university students from Hong Kong to stay over Christmas to travel and enjoy the Christmas in the UK. I believe there’s often a misconception that staying in the UK over breaks are boring, however I think it’s the best time for you to explore and experiences. I visited Germany and Edinburgh for Christmas and New Year Eve and went to a local host on Christmas day.

Day 1: Arrive Stuttgart Airport at night and stayed near the airport
(I know Stuttgart might not be as common as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, etc… but the flight was cheapest and we wanted to visit the black forest that’s why!)

Day 2&3: Munich
(We took bus to Munich and it’s around 30 mins slower than the train but at the same time much cheaper!)

The BMW World -Displaying the future BMW model


The BMW Museum- Displaying the previous BMW model but we didn’t go inside


The BMW world is free entry while you have to pay to visit the museum, hence we didn’t go inside the museum as we already had fun in the BMW world (sat inside the model, took a journey around the BMW world inside a mini cooper, played the car racing game, etc.)


And my travel buddy say- let’s post a picture of us in the car with this caption “One day I’ll be able to afford….. the ticket to BMW museum”

We also had lots of pork knuckles


I heard that they usually have roasted pork knuckles in the southern side of Germany and boiled ones in the northern side of Germany- Yes most restaurants only sell boiled ones when we visit Berlin but both style is so GOOD!!!




Day 4, 5 & 6: Black Forest

How could you visit Black Forest without trying the black forest cake? It’s by law that it must contain 3% of coco and an obvious taste of the cherry alcohol if it’s being sold in the black forest area- so don’t be fooled by the ones you tried in Hong Kong, the authentic black forest cake is not a chocolate-ly cake!


Black forest is famous for hiking as there are lots of hills (-berg)


The biggest cuckoo clock in the world


Accidentally hiked a bit while looking for the way back to Triberg station
(but I’m too weak to exercise while travelling x.x)



We wanted to ski… but it wasn’t snowing at ALL!

Expectation- full of snow





There are also many beautiful lakes (-see) in the Black Forest-





Had such as good time enjoying the scenery and taking the a good break- we didn’t rush for any attractions but simply enjoyed ourselves and everything we see. After all we just wanted to relax.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! I will share about spending Christmas and New Year Eve in the UK in my next post and how to prepare for assignments/tests/exam before the start of semester two- so please stay tuned!