Editor’s Pick | Asian Restaurants in Guildford and Asian Food on Campus

Hello everyone! How are you?

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend. The weather is finally getting warmer and the sky is sunnier in Guildford so I don’t have to dress like I am in the Arctic anymore. I hope it stays like this, at least for a little while. When the weather is warm and sunny, my friends and I like to sit by the lake and enjoy the sun rays. You know, to get the vitamin D and that “sun-kissed” skin tone although it never works on me haha. What do you like to do when the sun is out?

So today I will be writing about some of my favourite Asian Restaurants in Guildford and by “Editor’s Pick”, obviously I meant “my pick”.  And here is a list of restaurants that I’d recommend you and your friends to try .

  1. Start with the basic, Chinese food. I am sure once in a little while you would fancy some traditional Chinese food but they are too difficult to make in that small kitchen you have in your flat so going to a Chinese restaurant would probably be the best option. Beijing Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant with traditional and classic dishes but they add a bit of a modern twist to their dishes. Last year, the Hong Kong PASS society had their welcome dinner there for their members at a price that was very affordable for students and for societies that are hoping to take their members out for a fancy dinner.
  2. Japanese Food is personally my all time favourite, I can eat sushi everyday. My friends and I always go to this Japanese/Korean restaurant in town called Sushi Nara. The food is great and it is not too expensive, you can also get a 10% off discount if you show them your student ID. Obviously we, as students, cannot always afford to eat out and there are always other things that we should or could spend our money on. But I think it is totally fine and acceptable to treat ourself after all the handwork we did and the lectures that we dragged our body to.
  3. If you are into something spicy or more adventurous, then you should try Thai food. My favourite thai restaurant in Guildford is Giggling Squid. It is a really nice place to have dinner with your friends and the price is pretty reasonable for what they have to offer. My favourite Thai dish is green curry served with coconut rice. 😛

And don’t forget about the one and only Young’s Kitchen on campus, I am sure almost everyone from Surrey has been there for food at least once during their time studying or working here. I started working at Young’s since last semester and I really enjoy working there. It is a good place to work, the times are pretty flexible and the people who work there are all very nice and friendly. It might get a little stressful at lunchtime but it is not tough work.


University of Surrey is delighted to present its very own Thai menu called Bangkok Desserts. Having recently won the ‘Neu! Food and Drink Competition’ by the Enterprise Studio, a group of food-passionate second-years have put on their creative hats by using this funding to provide fellow students with an exciting, refreshing and lip-smacking eating experience at Hillside. Please visit their fb page for more information: @bkkdesserts 

Since I have 2 jobs and I am also volunteering for a research project on Social Psychology, I totally agree with Katie that time-management plays a big part in balancing your life and studies at the university. Personality, I am not the best to give advice to other people but I found making a schedule or a diary is really helpful. My advice is to write everything down in your diary if you have to. Chances are you will easily forget the things that you need to do if you don’t put it on your diary. No matter how small or unimportant it might be, it is always a good idea to write it down to remind yourself. And since I have been putting everything in my schedule, I am now better at keeping up with revisions and more on time for meetings and work.

And Katie is absolutely right about the support you can get from the Centre for Wellbeing, as an international student myself, I often find it hard to cope with homesickness and loneliness and talking to professionals is really helpful as they can give you solid advice and strategies that you can use to help yourself. Also, MindSoc is the Mental Health Awareness Society here at Surrey. It is the only society at uni that is dedicated to promote mental wellbeing and focus on students’ mental health. The society understands that studying at university is a big challenge and it can be quite stressful sometimes. Their aim is to encourage students to talk about how they feel, seek help and advice when they feel they need to.

I should probably stop here before it starts to bore you to sleep. Or maybe you can read my blog more often to help you go to sleep? hmm.. Anyways, I hope you find this interesting and feel free to drop me an email or find me on Facebook if you would like to have chat or have any questions.

See you next week!

All the best,
Diana xx