How I Got Here

How I got into university seems like a such a self-explanatory question, you apply, you receive the required grades and you wait for the good news.  But for me, it was actually quite different from that.

Basically, I was not doing well in secondary school and I kind of had the idea that maybe higher education was not for me.  I obviously changed my mind about it and decided it is incredibly important but that led to another question, with my grades, is it even possible to get into a decent university?  Well, the answer is YES!

I got in the University of Surrey through the International Foundation Year where I was in the Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences pathway.  I had four modules each semester where academic English skills, Business Studies and Economics are compulsory and you will either get put into Law or Accounting.  It is a great way to settle in and learn how to get around campus and town, learning how to take care of yourself and where to get what you need.  To qualify for the international foundation year you will have to have either a Form 5 in a minimum of 4 academic subjects (grades will be assessed on a case by case basis) or HKDSE with minimum grades 223 in relevant subjects.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds or else everybody would be doing a foundation year.  In order to progress to university, you will need to achieve 55% in each module and 65% overall, and also, if you haven’t already, an IELTS score of 6.5 with no skill below 6.0.  The good news is once you’ve met those requirements, you can choose from a list of degrees which I will put a link to.  ( )

My experience was very good, the teachers were really nice and although it could sometimes seem like what you are doing is irrelevant, nine times out of ten, they are not.  The program is designed to prepare you for university and therefore everything you learn will fall into place.  There are 2-3 assignments for each module which sounds like a lot but it is actually a good thing.  Because they each contribute to your final grade so it will not depend on one exam, I think this is an excellent to encourage students to work hard throughout the year and not just for the exam.  Also, I have met many people during my foundation year and it made the first week/month of university less daunting because I already knew my way around and know some people in my course.

I have always been quite lazy especially during secondary school, I literally can use the same notebook for 2 years because I can’t be bothered to make notes.  In the first two weeks of the foundation year, I found myself studying every day after class, making sure I know what is happening and most of the time, I would even prepare for tomorrow’s class. I think I just kind of realise that chances like that don’t come by that often and if I really want to get a degree. I have to work hard and make up for the ‘laziness’.  I cannot be more grateful for the foundation year and sometimes I still have trouble believing I’m here!

So if you really want to get in the University of Surrey but your grades aren’t quite there yet, this might be the perfect solution for you!

For those who are already studying here, I know grades are coming out this week (if not already), hope everyone did super well!!