Home At Last

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their Easter break!  I still cannot believe we will have an entire month off!! (also don’t have exams right after which is always a bonus :P)

I arrived on the 1st of April and I had not realise how much I have missed Hong Kong.  I have not been home since September which is not that long but still I felt like it has been ages since I was last here.  I missed the ‘warm-ish’ weather, the skyscrapers and the FOOD!  A lot of people love the cute independent houses, the idea of having more than one floor to themselves or getting to run around in a garden appeals to them.  I personally love tall buildings and how close together they are because it makes me feel secure, knowing that there is always someone around me in case something happens.

I get a lot of questions about being homesick…I think it really depends on the individual which I recognise is not a very helpful comment.  But people do cope differently, some would adapt within a month and some would find themselves crying about it in the second semester, the good news is that it will eventually go away.  I actually had no problem in the first months, I was quite happy to be ‘independent’ and I thought it was fairly liberating getting to do whatever I wanted.  Until I had assignments and the stress level started skyrocketing, I wanted to go home and I wanted to be in a familiar environment where I knew what to expect.  Eventually I got so busy that I forgot all about it and again, thanks to technology, I was able to talks to my friends and family 24/7.

I would say I am quite accustomed to living abroad but occasionally, I would still be bothered by little things.   Unlike Hong Kong, most shops closes around 6pm and after the town becomes quite dead.  Also, if you live in a residential area, there might not be food within walking distance which would never happen in Hong Kong.  Obviously if you plan ahead, there should not be a problem:P

Sometimes I feel like I am living a double life, not it is not as cool as spies would have it.  I thought going back and forth would get easier cause I will get used to it but so far, that is not the case…I am sure it will eventually get better but I do find myself feeling uneasy at times.  This is not to say you should not go abroad but it is important to acknowledge that fact that it cannot always be smooth.

Have a fantastic holiday!