Hello everyone in HK!

Hello everyone! This year I am lucky enough to join this lovely Ambassador family, and my name is Hillary Yip! I’m a second-year student doing Sociology with Psychology, so please email us if you have any enquiries on Sociology or Psychology related courses. It has been awesome this year, as I already felt I have done loads in these two months!

Starting with the important role of Super Angel, our team have welcomed over 200 students in Stag Hill court during the move-in weekend. Moreover, the enthusiastic dances from our team were capture in the StagTV, so please have a look at that video and you will surely be amazed at how passionate we are as Surrey students. Most importantly, it was indeed a fantastic experience, in which I would recommend all of you guys to join us in the future!

Then, my second biggest surprise is becoming a Student Ambassador this year; I still couldn’t believe that I am doing this role right now! Surrey has motivated me a lot in doing things that I would have never imagine I can do in the past; it encourages me to join different sports teams, great societies and much more. Last but not least, yesterday was the ‘LightsOn’ event in Guildford, where we’ve had lovely firework andĀ otherĀ celebrations, so we are all ready for Christmas!

I am finishing off here for the first blog, and please stay tuned for my further updates!

There are few of my favourite photos that I have attached below, so please check them out!