Home Kong🇭🇰

Well that was a really long flight home! Did I mention how much I missed the smell of Hong Kong food? The next morning after I got back, my family and I instantly went to this new Chinese restaurant in Cityplaza called Cha Cha Room 茶茶居, we ordered some of its signatures and it was definitely worth the price! (I meant to take more pictures, but we were all too hungry and ate it all before I could capture the moment hah!)

One of the other things I miss most was (no doubt) spending some bonding time with my dad. When I was young, I loved to tag along while he goes grocery shopping; the market is nothing too flashy but from there you can definitely get the most genuine food for a fair price. As soon as my dad and I walked in, everyone greeted us friendly smiles and offered us with samples! That’s how HongKongers do it! Perks of living close to a market!

On the night of Winter Solstice Festival (冬至), my family gathered around the dinner table and spent at least two hours chit chatting, even though this wasn’t the first dinner gathering we’ve had since I came home, but with my family, the topics are just endless. I’ve never felt closer to my roots, especially every time this year, its a great way to learn more of those family recipes!

This week has been crazy busy for me, to revisit my family and pick up the pieces where I left off, I haven’t really gotten to explore any new restaurants or cafes around HK, but stay tuned, there’ll be more posts coming up where I’ll spam you with pictures! Next week hopefully I’ll be less occupied and finally get the chance to catch up with my old friends and get around HK more!

See y’all soon! Remember to stay warm, it’s easy to get sick as the seasons changing!