Honestly, one of the things I wish I did at the beginning of my first year was dedicate a bit of my time to one society, going to their events, making new friends and becoming part of a new family. Yes, I’ve been part of a few society, but never enough to stay around and get to know the others! So this year, that’s what I’m all in for!

Abacus had their first event of the year last week- Meet and Greet!

It was such a friendly environment that no one really felt alone, everyone was talking to one another!

We were separated into different groups then we played a series of games! My group was number 8!

Everyone was so sweet and welcoming!

Then the committee members introduced a game called twerk the balls! Essentially the ping pong balls were put into an empty tissue box and all you have to do is twerk until all of the balls are out of the container! I gotta say, it was pretty funny to watch haha!

After that, two people from each group were nominated; they had to stand a few feet away from each other, one holding the plate and the other would have to throw marshmellow into the other person’s mouth, then they would have to spit it out. We had a time span of 2 minutes to do this!

Next, one person from each team has to compete stacking cups, the idea is simple, all you gotta do is try to do it as fast as you can!

The last game involved 4 people from each group. You might see this game popular amongst most Hong Kong TV shows, where they had to pass a piece of seaweed to each other through the mouth, that’s exactly what we did, except with cards!

Especially proud of me and my teammates because we won this round! Talk about talent haha!

Lastly, just before we finished, we had a little bit of social sesh with pizza!!!