Back at it!

Hey guys! I’m back for the final year! It’s been a crazy two weeks if you ask me, the workload is creeping up on me! Even though it’s my last year here at Surrey, I still want to make the most of my time, so I joined the Business Society as a Postgrad officer (despite the fact I’m not a masters’ student yet haha!)

The first event we did was the Placement and Internship Event held at the Business School! We held a panel in the afternoon and one at night, where we invited current placement students to talk about the application process and their experiences so far!

I’m honestly so proud of the turnout, especially because most of the invitees are my friends too! It’s insane to think back that I was just in their seats two years ago, look how quickly the time has passed!

This event has been such a great success! I hope to share more of our future events and give you some more insight into being a part of society soon!