Hello, nice you meet you all :)

Hello guys! This is my VERY FIRST blog so let me just quickly introduce myself 😉 

My name is Stephanie, currently doing my Masters degree in Digital Marketing at Surrey. I have always been studying in Hong Kong before so this is my first time studying abroad! So far, I would say everything is going great! I have been struggling a lot before I made my decision to the UK cause I have been working for 2 years in Hong Kong and I was not so sure if I should step out of my comfort zone and put myself into a complete new environment. But these 3 months I spent in Surrey has given me an answer! This is absolutely a right decision to make! 🙂
I’ll be here to share more about my Masters life at Surrey, so if you are curious or thinking to go for a MSc degree here just like me, stay tuned and I’ll see you guys soon!  👋