Accommodation Part 1: Living on campus! 🏫

Hi guys! It has already been the second week of semester 2! 😯I am sure we can work it out! Fighting! As some of you may already start searching for accommodations for the next academic year, I would like to create a series talking about the accommodations. For the first-year-student to-be and the students back from Professional Training Years (placement), the university guarantees you accommodation that you can simply list your preferences in order as attached below. You can check out the description and pictures from here to have a better understanding of the university accommodation.

There are more than 6000 rooms scattered on Stag Hill campus, Manor Park and Hazel Farm. Stag Hill campus offers Band A Shared room, Band C, Band D, Band E (only 27 rooms available for band F). Places like the library, Studen Union and teaching blocks are accessible by walking from the Stag Hill campus accommodation.

Manor Park is located in between Stag Hill campus and Hazel Farm that provides rooms from Band D to Band F. It takes either 20 minutes of walking distance or 10 minutes bus ride by paying a discounted price of Β£160 annually to university. The annual bus pass allows you to take unlimited route 1&2 bus rides to places like Guildford town or Surrey Sports Park. The veterinary medicine students whose building is located in Manor Park should consider there for accommodation.

Hazel Farm is the furthest accommodation from Stag Hill campus, offering Band A Budget room and Band B. It takes about 45 minutes of walking distance from the university. BUT! The benefit is to receive a free bus pass from the university to shorten your commuting time to around 30 minutes.

πŸ“ŒThe APPLICATION DEADLINE is 25 July 2020 for the new Undergraduate students and 1 August 2020 for Postgraduate students. Returning students’ deadline ends by 3 March 2020.πŸ“Œ

By now, you could start figuring out your budget and the location for your preferences. You are free to request single-sex or alcohol-free/quiet accommodation. For any enquiries, you could always visit the drop-ins or pre-book an appointment in the Hive.

For my first year accommodation, I chose Band A shared room in Stag Hill campus. I will then gather my second-year experience staying in University of Surrey Lettings (USL) managed properties and share with you guys later. Next blog I will be talking about the off-campus accommodation! Stay tuned and bye for now! πŸ˜†