Placement Hunting! Sites that you NEED to know when looking for a placement 😮?

Hey guys, it’s been a while that I didn’t update here! The start of semester 2 is quite a busy one for me…coursework, placement hunting…tough! But I would say it is also satisfying when you get all your work done!

For some of the programmes for MSc studies, we are allowed to choose either a 12-month pathway or a 15-month-including-placement pathway, so it is more flexible for students (especially for those who wants to gain working experience in the UK)!

I chose the 15-month programme so it is compulsory for me to find a placement as to fulfil the credits. Good news: I finally got an offer! (after a few months of hunting, interviewing, being rejected, and repeat LOL) So I will be interning in a company in London in the coming July. Exciting! will surely update you guys more about my internship once I start it !

Looking for an internship could be REALLY difficult, especially for us, international postgrad students who got Visa restrictions – sometimes you can’t do 12-month placement cause your visa will expire before it ends. But you just have to bare this in mind and look for placements that are suitable for your situation in terms of placement period, start date, job location, etc.
There are some sites that would be useful for you to look for placement:

(1) Surrey Pathfinder

Surrey Pathfinder is a digital hub with 24/7 access; careers appointments and event bookings, jobs, placements and interactive development tools. It provides a career searching platform for students and alumni in Surrey.

(2) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great platform for you to look for placements. Make sure to build your own profile: putting up a picture of you, work experience, educational background and maybe skills that you have, so it is easier for you to apply for jobs by simply adding a CV and cover letter. The platform will allow the employers to review your application based on your profile. Some of the company HRs will send you a DM on LinkedIn or email you directly if they would like to ask you more questions or even invite you to an interview!

(3) Indeed

Another site I found useful is Indeed. It is basically a job hunting site, but I found that quite a lot of large companies do post their job ads there. So you can always find jobs or placements that you are interested in on this site!

Hope this helps! and good luck everyone! 👍