Crowdfunding Launch Party!

Hey there! In the last blog, I mentioned that I am currently working on a crowdfunding project. Some updates: We finally launched our crowdfunding page and have started raising funds for the charity! 🤗

Friday this week, we have organised a launch party at AP to celebrate the launch of the site. All teams had to do a small presentation about our project and prepared a booth to motivate our crowds to donate! Our team prepared some donuts and gave out to people who donate £1 at the spot/ online!

Good news is that we won the 3rd place for the mini-crowdfunding competition that day! which we got £200 sponsored by Guildford Council for our campaign! 👏🏻The project is still on-going and we are now trying to motivate donations through organising more online and offline events! Hopefully, we could reach our target and be able to make a difference to the disabled young people’s lives! 😉