Get ready for uni-mental preparation

Welcome to Surrey! Are you guys enjoying the Freshers’ week? To the newbies especially those international students, you are gonna flip a new page to become a university student. You actually made a big step to study abroad alone! In fact, it is a lesson to be more independent and mature on your own. It’s okay to be not okay. I still remembered the days I cried over the phone when I facetime with my parents. The anxiety grows from knowing no one and you have to deal with the problem. However, you will actually get over the loneliness and homesickness day by day after getting used to the new environment. I am going to recommend some tips to be mentally prepared for the university!

  1. Wellbeing Centre
    The wellbeing centre is now open for everyone to dial or email during our normal working hours of Monday to Friday 8am – 5pm. Microsoft Teams meeting appointment can be booked. It is a platform for students to talk through a personal, emotional or psychological issue.
    phone no.: 01483 689498
  2. Peer Support
    You are not alone! Here is the peer support webpage to find a well-trained peer supporter for a non-judgemental listening and support service to all Surrey students. They are all Surrey current students that they could develop a better understanding of your situation 🙂
  3. Talk to your personal tutors for assistance
    Every student will be assigned to one personal tutor who guides you through graduation. Meetings will be held to catch up with you. I had a fantastic personal tutor who is Karen Kelly, who is also the program leader of my course. I enjoy talking with her when she actually understands my struggles and gives out useful advice.
  4. Join societies
    It will be hard to adapt to a new environment when you literally know no one at the university. Try expanding your social circle by joining societies! It is definitely alright to just randomly say hi and make new friends. Isn’t nice to meet someone when you share the same interest or background? There are an array of societies that you can register as a member or even apply for a committee member. Despite the pandemic situation, societies are still working their best for students. Feel free to check out the societies at Surrey here!
  5. Join university events
    Any of you joined the welcome week in mid-September? No worries if you missed it, there are still a couple of university events. For example, there will be a virtual autumn placement fair on 7th October. It is known as one of the biggest events for students to look for placement opportunities. Better watch out especially for those who would like to take a placement year! You can get more information from Surrey Pathfinder. By joining more university events, you could have a greater insight into your course and your university. There is countless support from the university for the best learning outcome.

As quoted from Surrey, I know it is a difficult time for everyone but let’s look on the bright side! I wish you guys had a fantastic yet unforgettable university life in Surrey!