Lessons during pandemic

Hi ya! I have just completed Applied Dietetics 2 – my only module of the year!!! Due to covid, the course has been switched to online delivery. Although many of you might have experienced online lessons already, I thought it might still be worth it for me to share some of my thoughts on having virtual lectures.

What do Surrey’s online lessons look like?

Surrey (or perhaps my course:) uses zoom and teams the most. Links are set up by professors and sent to us via email or on Surreylearn (the school’s virtual learning platform). To attend different lectures, you just need to click on the links. Most of the lessons are interactive, which we will be assigned into breakout rooms for room discussions.

How to stay focused during online lessons?

Attending virtual classes can be very tiring, especially after sitting in front of the computer and starring at the screen the whole day. Do really leave the room, go for a walk (if possible) and give your eyes a break. As you are having lessons in a room alone, you might easily doze off. Some sweets or snacks are essential to keep you alive for the long lectures (our brain needs glucose xd). Mugs of coffee and tea are always some good drinks to keep you awake:)

My thoughts on online lessons

Pros – Having online lessons can save you some transportation costs (and some sleeping time :p). Most preferably, you could have lessons at home, which is a more comfortable and safer environment. Sometimes, with live subtitles, you could follow the lecturer more effectively.

Cons – I miss the interactions with other course-mates so much. It would be a lot more fun to have face-to-face role-plays or clinical practice instead of meeting them through a screen. And as everything has turned online, technical issues have always been a problem. Imagine lagging and going on and off all the time during lectures because of poor wifi – you must feel really frustrated! Sometimes, mics or cameras that are not working could be annoying as well >.<

What do you find about virtual lessons? Do comment below and share your thoughts and ideas ^.^

the ‘back-view’ of me during zoom lessons xd