Living on campus

One of the best experiences studying uni is living in halls, enjoying independence, and spending more time with friends. In this blog, I am going to share some thoughts about living on campus.

What type of accommodation did you live in and why did you choose that?

Surrey provides different accommodation options across three sites: main campus, manor park and hazel farm. I was staying in manor park in my first year. As that was my first time living with other people, I would like to have a bit more privacy, to have my own bathroom and room. I have therefore chosen band D accommodation which is an en-suite room. Other options such as split-level shared rooms, single rooms, single rooms with basin, studio etc are available. The price varies according to the size of the room and location.

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How did you find living with other people?

The flat I was studying in was 6 people single-sex flat. So, each of us are staying in an un-suite room sharing a kitchen and common area. My flatmates come from all over the world, ranging from London, Romania to South Africa or the Emirates. They are all very nice girls, and they are the first couple of friends I made at uni. I still remember we always bump into each other when we are cooking, trying out each other’s food. We have also some regular meetups, like dominos day, pasta day. We also have a group chat in which we would help each other when needed. Sometimes, when one person forgot her key to the door, we will just go out and open it for her etc.

What is the best thing about living in uni accommodation?

It is easy to settle. Especially when you are not familiar with the country, it is always nice just to move in without worrying about the bills, wifi, furniture etc. It has a good location on the school campus. For instance, when you are living on stag-hill, you might just need a 5 min walk to the lecture hall. Or if you are living in manor park, it is also convenient for you to have 10 min bus, or 30 min walk to the main campus. And the whole environment is super comfy and safe. It has many facilities including gyms, common rooms, pool table, a café at the reception, printers, laundry… And it is very close to Guildford town where you can buy your food or other essentials.

Living on campus has always been one of my best memories at uni. However, you might also look forward to renting a place with your friend in your second year. In the next blog, I am going to share my experience of renting out. So please stay tuned😊

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