Meeting the Chinese and Hong Kong communities at Surrey

After entering uni, you might want to meet someone that speaks the same language. One of the best ways to meet friends that come from Hong Kong is by joining societies. In this blog, I am going to introduce a couple of societies that are comprised of a predominantly Hong Kong population. 

Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Society (HKPASS)

Background: HKPASS was first founded by LSE, and has since expanded across many other universities in the UK. Surrey HKPASS is a non-profit making, student-led society. As the name suggests, the society aims to raise awareness of any public issues regarding the economic, political, and social affairs of Hong Kong, the UK, and other parts of the world. They also aim to encourage students to involve and contribute more to the local community in HK and UK through participating in different social services and events. 

Activities: orientation day, welcoming dinner, LSE forum, Cambridge quiz, running bath, Surrey flagship: d-game, internal food sale

Hong Kong society (HKsoc)

Background: HKsoc aims to bring Hong Kong students together as a community through various activities and joint-school events. 

Activities: Clubbing, party, bowling, welcoming dinner

Association of British and Chinese University Students (ABACUS)

Background: ABACUS was first found in Cambridge. It aims to integrate both British and Chinese cultures and strives to provide a social network that will benefit our members in the near or/and distant future. Although the name of the society mentioned British and Chinese, you don’t have to be a British Born Chinese (BBC) or even remotely Chinese to participate in the range of events. 

Activities: Collab social, game night, mid-autumn festival event, Asian Night, Winter Ball, Asian Sports Day

Cantonese Christian Fellowship (CCF)

Background: The fellowship is formed with a group of Cantonese speakers of different nationalities. Aiming to have mutual encouragement among members, and to build relationships with God. The fellowship holds regular gatherings during term time. Activities are open to both Christian and non-Christians. 

Activities: regular campus meeting and gospel night, Welcoming Party, Christmas Party

Mahjong Society 

Background: As the name suggests, the society welcomes anyone that is interested in Mahjong. The majority of the participants are from a Chinese background, but everyone is warmly welcome by society! 

Activites: weekly Mahjong tutorial sessions, Mahjong tournament

Above are the societies that are consists of the majority Hong Kong/ Chinese population. If you are interested in any of the societies, don’t hesitate to contact them on social media. Or find them out in Fresher’s Fair for more information. Feel free to comment below if you have got any thoughts or if you have more to add 😊