Life in Guildford

Hey folks!  It’s been two months since the semester starts, how’s life here in Guildford?  Hope you are all doing well lately 😀

As much as you know, living in Guildford can be sooooo relaxing!  Small town with beautiful landscape and great diversity, there are also number of uniquely designed buildings like Guildhall and Guildford Castle.  You may get there by approximately 15-min walk or simply take the bus from Campus which is easily accessible, so, it is always a good idea to pay it a visit if you have no bigger fish to fry!

Let me show you some the pics that I took in town!


Craving for some good food?

Homesick is inevitable, I understand. I got you, from Sushi to Pad Thai, East to West! These restaurants are one of the best ones in town for you to gather with your friends whilst curing your homesick. There is no greater joy than sharing dishes, conversation and laughter 😀

Budget shopping?  Let’s go!

TK Maxx and Poundland are the best places for some great daily deals, ranging from clothing to ingredients.  And if you are doing any gift exchanging parties with your friends or flat mates, try there!

And in fact, TK Maxx is where I bought my bedding stuff and kitchenware from.  It is really a good place to stop by, not to mention Primark and the clothing stores in Friary Shopping Center, book stores, JD and so many other shops around.

Also, don’t forget to look around, furry friends are all around!

So next time when you get bored, try spending your time around town.  Have a nice little walk with your friends, grab some good food and do some window shopping!

That’s the blog of today.  As usual, would love to hear your voice and do comment down below to let me know if there’s anything you want me to cover!  And I’ll see you all in the next blog 😉

*Address of the above-mentioned restaurants

Sushi Nara: 4B North St, Guildford GU1 4AA

Rumwong Thai Restaurant: 18-20 London Rd, Guildford GU1 2AF