Trip to Spain! (Cont’d)

Here we are again!  As mentioned, we are going to visit Madrid this time 😉

So we were at Barcelona, to get to Madrid from there, simply check out websites like RailEurope or trainline for train tickets.  I got mine from OUiGO at ~£30, do beware that the price of the tickets may vary from time to time.

There we are!

Don’t forget your train tickets!

Once again, buy yourself a Multi Card (€2.5) before starting your journey in Madrid!  As the card is not personalized, so you can simply top it up with the 10-trip ticket (€12.2) options and share it with your friends.

The busiest place in the city

This time, we are staying in an accommodation near the Puerta del Sol, one of the most famous public squares in Madrid where it is also the heart of the Madrid.  It’s quite convenience as the train station is just downstairs, others are also within walking distance.

There are quite lots of attractions around, such as the Kilómetro Cero established outside the Old Post Office, symbolizing the very start and center of the radial network of Spanish roads.  The neon advertisement of Tío Pepe, a famous brand of Sherry.  Bear and the Madroño Tree, which is the heraldic symbol of Madrid.

The beautiful Old Post Office, currently serving as the office of the President of Madrid

Let’s walk around, shall we?  All the way to Plaza de Oriente, where the Royal Palace and Royal Theatre are located between.  You may also find the Monument to Philip IV of Spain and the statues of over 40 other Spanish Kings from medieval period.

The Royal Armory of Madrid right next to the Royal Palace, which is also known as one of the largest European royal palaces (Requires ticket to enter)
Royal Theatre, a well-known spot for Opera lovers where it is also a leading institution of performing arts in Spain.  If you are a fan of Opera, you know where to go now, right?
Monument to Philip IV of Spain, with over 380 years of history

Apart from all these attractions, you may also find great number of shops and restaurants around.  Save yourself some money to get all those foods and buy yourself some souvenirs back home!

Museo del Jamón, famous shop for Spanish Ham.  Feel free to ask for a taste if you fancy to buy those, that’s the best way to know if you like it or not.  Also, they have standing bars and restaurants, so do explore yourself around!
Turrón 1880, an iconic nougat brand

For all foodies!

Don’t forget to check out the Market of San Miguel (Mercado de San Miguel), a local food market as well as a monument to Spanish cuisine.  Here you may get to taste the freshest fish and finest Iberian ham, as well as to experience different types of dishes ranging from the most exquisite cheese from Castile to the exotic Mediterranean rich dishes.  Worth mentioning is, this market is one of the city’s finest examples of cast-iron architecture.

In Madrid, everything just hits differently at night!

Plaza Mayor
Back to the square
Calling out any fans of Paper House!  Here we are at the Bank of Spain!!!
Another spot for the fans!
The Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid, pure elegance

Don’t forget to match your Tapas and Paella with some Sangria!

An alcoholic beverage originating in Spain and Portugal, a MUST try in Spain!

Time flies when we are having fun…

Aight so, that’s quite a lot in one blog post and yes, there’re still many places waiting to be explored not only in Madrid but the whole Spain.  But you know what?  Let’s save it until next time, it’s time to move onto our next destination! 

Also, don’t forget to leave comments if you have any questions! I’ll see you all in Lisbon, and the next blog post 😉