Final escape before Christmas <3

In the blink of an eye, the traveling series has now been updated for a month and come to its fourth episodes.  It’s just two countries that we have been to for now, but believe me, we have a long way to go so worry not, there will be more to come! (Switzerland, Austria and so forth…)

Let’s go!

This is how the ticket looks like, do be noted that the station stated on the ticket might be in a different timezone (but also depends on where you depart)

So, for those of you who wants to travel to Porto from Lisbon, you may choose to take trains or bus.  But, do beware that price and duration may vary slightly.  Train may take approx. 3-hour whilst bus may take up to 4 hours but at a cheaper price.  For me, flixbus was chosen due to its cheaper price and my flexibility.  So before you start your journey, don’t forget to do a little research and consider with your own preference!

As usual, before we start

Do get this blue Títulos card at the ticket vending machine where you may spot it in different stations.  This card is used for single journey but is also able to be reloaded.  Do noted that the card is not allowed to be shared with other travelres like the one ticket in Madrid.

Beware of flooding!

Besides, don’t forget to bring your umbrella or waterproof jacket!  In Porto, raining can be a serious problem where you will even receive an SMS sent by the system warning you about potential flooding.

Time to get to the real business!

In Porto, you should definitely check out Meia.dúzia.  Their jams, pastes, olive oil and aromatic teas are all artisanal and stored in tubes.  Not to mention their signature and award-winning chutneys, it’s a divine one!!

Adding the signature elements into a product, it’s as simple as it is!

Don’t forget to visit Benamôr, an iconic beauty brand of Portugal where they have all sorts of special body and skin care, bath and energizing products such as face soap and lip cream with a Nata flavor!!

Any fan of grilled sausage? Like they will literally grill it in front of you, and you may then pair it with the bread and a cup of wine!

And in fact, Porto is spoiled with its number of good restaurants, so in case anyone of you fancying some traditional Portuguese dishes, make Postigo do Carvão one of the restaurants in your to-go-list!  Since it is quite a famous one for the locals, it might be busy sometimes. So don’t forget to make a reservation in advance, you know, no one likes waiting or being refused for seats. (Especially during a trip!)

They have a great variety of great dishes like grilled sausages and Octopus, hake fillets and cod dishes as well as Tripe in Porto Style and feijoada transmontana, which is a bean stew from the northeast part of Portugal.

And it’s time…

There are so many more things to do and places to go in Porto, but, I will leave it to you guys to explore! The address of the restaurant is stated below in case anyone of you wants it. Don’t forget to leave me a comment to share about your thoughts or queries! So, that would be it for today’s blog post, and I will see you all next time (To Switzerland!!). Stay tuned and see y’all soon!


R. da Fonte Taurina 24, 4050-269 Porto, Portugal: Postigo do Carvão