Until next time, my dear friends

‘Friends are our chosen family’

 – people often say, and this blog post, is dedicated to my loveliest friends in Surrey.

time flies and it’s been almost half a year since the first semester,

lots of memories in just a short period of time, as I sit here at the Hive reminiscing

my first time having hotpot with some exchange students from other courses, which was almost half a year ago but still seems like yesterday! 

little did I know at the time that, this semester would be one of the greatest times that I have thus far in my life, where I would make unforgettable memories and friends that I will never forget

starting from then, having dinner together has sort of become our daily routine

shout-out to our top chefs!!

this part features our top chefs who can cook literally EVERYTHING ranging from Japanese to Thai, anything you name it!

just can’t bear to imagine how tasteless uni life would be without his food 🙁

michelin-starred katsu curry kitchen @ MP
V’s mouthwatering chicken
pineapple fried rice
another heartwarming meal together <3
another tasty meal by our Korean friends, still remember how I couldn’t help myself eating even though I am already full :$

big memories always come from little moments

love how we always spend time doing little things, having little chats where they all became our greatest Uni memories

together we celebrate different special occasions, meet our first birthday star HuayJing! (a.k.a our tour guide who always plan for our trips and lead our way)
heartwarming Tangyuan on Winter Solstice by Huayjing <3
‘O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches’
a fun day at Winter Wonderland and secret Santa before Christmas
someone requested for good-looking pics, sorry man, the ducks somehow took the spotlight so why not XD
it’s CNY, time for some LO HEI!
a special edition of Hangki gathering on Valentine’s Day

‘To live, not just to exist

came across a saying when I was little, where it says travel is an art

an art and existence for us to explore new ways to live, than just to exist

had to say, as a tourism student, it was gold

and I realized, traveling with you guys has enriched myself, in every possible aspects

which proved the very saying

our 1st trip, to Portsmouth
feels good to go Bath with you guys, cuz I haven’t bathed for a month 😉 (okie it’s a lame joke I bath everyday)
Bath and Portsmouth were far from enough for us so we decided to go somewhere further
perfect sunset, cute friends and precious memories
watching World Cup final in Portugal!!
here we are in Vienna!

special people make ordinary moments seem extraordinary

surprisingly fun for someone, I guess
never knew photo booth could bring so much fun ;)))
love how we still manage to see each other during vacation
all are well-rested and back from vacation <3
this, for real, was one of the BEST nights of my life
we should all recognize the blessing of being able to spend time with people you love
the very proof of how the hardest time may often lead you to the greatest moments of your life lol

just so much talent going on here

let’s not forget our lovely baker who always ‘sweeten’ our gatherings – not only at its face value, though

secretly my fav, no cap
what’s sweeter than having dessert after dinner? having two, it is
homemade ones are always the heart-melting ones
what a lovely xmas tree by our lovely baker

special thanks to special people

and, a shout-out to my secret Santa – for bringing us all together, for my Xmas gift and all the love <3

am quite certain that everything wouldn’t have been such wonderful if it wasn’t for you
thank you for your heartwarming meal and milk-tea during my tough time (a.k.a assignment time) ;_;
‘it’s nice when someone remembers the smallest details about you, not because you keep reminding them but because they actually care’

it’s been a fantastic couple of months

but all good things must come to an end,
cheers to all the good times and memories that we have created,
they will never be replaced
so long, my friends’

knowing each of us meets each other differently

tho myself met them in a rather ordinary way

it still, feels surreal that how we all have met and got along so well

just want to say thank you, for

all the memories we have created

all the laughter and tears we have had

and thank you once again for being my chosen family

all the best, to all of you lovely people

“If we had our entire lives ahead of us, I am certain that you all would get tired of me telling how much I love you guys”

I will see you all in the future, as promised.