The Unmissable City, Paris

Paris, a city that known by lot of different beautiful names – the City of Romance, the fashion capital, the Hidden Gem.  It’s also the city where several films such as Before Sunset and John Wick 4 took place!

About Paris


You definitely can define Paris weather with “erratic“, yet “Gorgeous” – how so?

In April, colourful flowers can be seen blossoming literally everywhere, freely painting Paris’s parks and gardens as well as the streets starting from the beginning of the month. Longer day time and warmer temperature can also be expected along with more sunshine hours. However, could still be quite chilly at night and that’s why it can be erratic. So, don’t forget to bring some jacket just in case!


Euros, straightforward. Credit cards are widely accepted but some shops in smaller scale let’s say souvenir shops may accept only cash so do beware. Meanwhile, do take sensible precautions and remain alert whilst handling cash and credit cards in public areas or at cash machines as pickpocketing is quite a common issue in Paris.


Well, the official language in Paris and the rest of France is French. Contrary to other counties, English isn’t widely spoken. Although Parisians do not generally speak or like to speak English, tourists won’t have much issues communicating in English in most places such as hotels, restaurants and shops – same old stuff, prepare a translator just in case!


That’s something that could confuse quite lots of people – let’s see what I can do here!

  • Metro

Simply the fastest and easiest way to travel around the city, however, ticket price varies from type to type. For instance, in every metro station’s ticket machine, you may purchase a single trip ticket at €1.9 or 10 trips ticket (Carnet) at €18.6 which they will be available within certain areas, don’t forget to check whether your destination is eligible for that card or not. Or, you may get a point-to-point ticket at €3.6 (P.S. From any destination to Disneyland Park will cost €5 per trip.)

The two tickets behind are for going to the airport, so that’s why it’s more expensive

On the other hand, there’s a thing called Navigo Travel Pass which comes in weekly and monthly option with unlimited travel. The card itself costs approximately between €26 to €30 for weekly options and €72 to €82, including €5 as the admin fee. People who plan to go to lots of places should deffo pick this card as there are lots of advantages!!

Going to Disney has a different price as well, which requires you to buy a point to point ticket
P.S. bring one of your recent portrait picture as the inspector will verify whether you are the card owner or not
  • RER (Suburban Express Railway)

If the RER station is connected with the metro, the same ticket can be used throughout the entire journey.

  • Bus

Similar with RER, you may use another single trip ticket for taking bus each time or you can choose to buy ticket on the bus each time. But do remember to punch your ticket for validation or you may be fined!

  • Tram

Same ticket as RER station, with 4 line in operation namely T1, T2, T3 and T4 serving the perimeter of the city.

P.S. Or simply, you can use your travel pass or a metro/bus ticket if it covers the zones concerned (the same zones as for the metro/RER). These can be purchased at the ticket machines or on the app, DO BE NOTED that the Navigo pass will only activate on each Monday. In other words, buy it in advance and start using it on Monday or Wednesday the latest may better-maximize the value of the ticket!

Travel passes

Same as transportation, it could be quite confusing for people traveling there for the first time, to choose which card to purchase as there are quite a few different types of passes.

  • Museum pass

Three options, namely 2, 4 and 6 days are available for one entry each in up to 55 monuments and museums in Paris for free, including Louvre. See the list of museums and monuments covered!

  • Paris pass

Apart from that, bet we also have people who want to visit some other attractions :$ :$

so here we go, try The Paris Pass which gives you access to the city’s top attractions. Rangign from a tour on the Eiffel Tower to a scenic cruise at Seine. Check here!

Let’s go!

There are quite lots of different things you can do in Paris, whatever fun you are seeking, you will be satisfied. Shopping? You have got most of the luxury brands, boutique and souvenir shops around –

  • LV, at its HQ
  • Aape
Another famous clothing brand
  • Merci

Great variety of concept designs, fashion items, creative accessories and so forth can be found! Look at this film camera I have got in this trip – deffo the right place for you if you fancy freshen yourself up a bit

Fours shots in one click!

Books, accessories, and clothings!

  • La Boutique de Loulou

Quite lots of different elegantly designed home decorations and little stuff, worth a look as well.

Some cute and unique postcards can be found here
  • Rougier & Plé

Arts, stationeries and palette can be found in this shop, just saying, I low key find this place similar to the CN Square in Yau Ma Tei. You just wouldn’t be disappointed if you are a fan of art.


  • Louvre

Here we are, in front of the World’s largest art museum as well as the one that has the most visitors. Free entry for the Museum Pass holders, also, reservation is highly recommended particularly during peak season like spring and summer break as well as Christmas Holidays – tap here for the tickets and available time slots! The price may vary a bit if you buy online but it saves your time queueing, it’s all your call!

Here we are! Also, there are actually four entrances, namely the one at the Pyramid, two inside the shopping mall (Carrousel and Porte Des Lions) and the one located at Richelieu – direction
Does anyone NOT know who this is?
Liberty Leading the People
  • Eiffel Tower

Included only in the Paris Pass. Also, there are different tickets where some of them give you access to the lift to the second and the top floor whilst there’s also a type that allows you to use the lift only to get to the top floor. Price may also vary from age and identity group so do check whether you are eligible for those categories in advance!

For sure you can go near the tower for a closer view, but there are actually a number of spots where you can appreciate the tower in a different angle, such as Palais de Chaillot
  • Triumph de Arc

Finished its construction in 1836, originally commissioned in 1806 for celebrating the victory at Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon, which has become one of the most inspiring Arc in the world and one of the most iconic spot in Paris, France. Access is included in the museum pass, yet, quite some stairs to walk up to the roof.

Ok please don’t mind me but yeah, still, there are different spots for good pictures but I went for the safer one. The one by the side walk instead of middle of the road.
  • Museum d’Orsay

Great number of paintings and sculptures by some of the most famous artists like Monet, Manet, Rodin, Van Gogh, etc – This museum is also the one that store the most impressionism art.

Joan of Arc! Hero of France
The Gates of Hell by Rodin
And an exhibition showcasing Manet’s and Degas’s work! Two famous impressionist French painters

(Impressionism was an art movement being date back to 19th century, characterized by little yet visible brush strokes and open composition as well as having an emphasize on the depiction of light in its changing qualities.)

by Monet, one French painter who’s good at the presentation of light and shadow
by Manet, another French painter who has a style of painting something controversial, which is quite different from the normal impressionism
  • The Catacombs of Paris
A place that holds the remains of estimating over 6-million people. It was originally a mine yet transformed into a cemetery in light of the outbreak of a plague in 1786.
  • The Army Museum (Musée de l’Armée)

Address: Hôtel national des Invalides, 129, rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris

  • Long Story Short (Exhibition)
A gallery in Paris for artists to showcase their work – theme changes regularly. Check them out here
This time, they have Eaton‘s work

There are still lots of different museums and things to do in Paris like taking a river cruise or having lunch on Eiffel but as usual, I will not spoil the fun so I will leave it to you guys to explore! That’s how travel works <3


A magical day, join us in Disney –

lookkkkk at Wall-E!
Meet Captain Jack Sparrow, in Paris

The light show starts at 10.50 p.m and fireworks show starts at 11 p.m., do get yourself a train ticket in advance so you don’t have to queue up after the shows finished in order to save some time. In addition, they have an app showing all the time slots for all shows in both parks.

All the info you need can be found in the app, you may also use it to reserve yourself a seat for different shows as well!

So it was unreal, PURE magical…

30th Anniversary!
This is where imagination starts glowing! Walt E. Disney turned three circles into a gigantic mouse and dominate the planet with fairy tales!

For the ticket, you can actually get it on Klook or just Disney’s website. They have options for entering just one park or both parks as well as other features such as shuttle bus or fast access, price may also vary from dates to dates so do check on both sites for a better price!

Here, foodies!

That’s something I wouldn’t miss out in every blog post of mine, so here we go!

  • Les Antiquaires

French restaurant well-known for its Beef Bourguignon, Duck Breast and Foie Gras

They have oysters as well
Duck Breast, the texture was well-controlled (tho my friend didn’t like it but I am afraid I am against his opinion hahaha)
  • La Tour Montlhéry – Chez Denise

Famous for their Duck Confit and Bone Marrow

  • Star Food

A buffet with reasonable price and good choice for people who just want to satisfy your appetite


  • Dosanko Larmen

I know, yes, we are in France but this one is just good, just high quality. Large portion with a reasonable price, rich and creamy ramen broth, deffo coming back for more!

The Katsu Curry costs only €4 and the whole meal was only €18
  • Omusubi Gonbei

Best rice ball in Paris, costing only ~€2.5 per one. Quality, wonderful choice for budget traveller as well.

Tempura is one of the most famous item there, do try it!

Also, Socca is a traditional snack in Nice but you may also spot them on Paris’s street. Try them to see if you like them more in Paris or Nice!

Having said that, it’s quite lots of contents here we have covered today, let’s have a short break before our next destination – Nice! Some of the destinations around will also be covered such as Monaco, Menton and Èze village, and even Italy! Stay tuned until the next blog post, stay healthy as well!