Nice trip

So, another week has gone and it’s now our last two months before summer! Welcome to our new blog, trip to Nice, as nice as it sounds!

About Nice


Slightly different from Paris, temperatures in Nice in April begin to rise and the days start to get longer, in the lead up to summer. Holidaymakers begin descending upon the city in search of some early sun and streets bloom with spring flowers. So if you’re in search for some early summer sunshine and are on the hunt for some culture without the crowds, then April is a wonderful time to visit Nice.

But yes as as most of us may have noted, the weather this year in April has been quite funny and unpredictable. So it’s still safer to pack some layers if you are visiting Nice at this time of year. Overall, you can expect daily temperatures to sit at around 15°C or above, with plenty of sunshine. As the days can get quite hot before the temperatures cool off in the evenings, helped along by the coastal breeze.


Euros, same as in Paris for sure. Still, credit cards are widely accepted but some shops in smaller scale let’s say souvenir shops may accept only cash so do bear in mind. Apart from that, there should be no bigger problem but always remember to keep an eye on your belonging and personal items!


Well, the official language in Nice and the rest of France is French. Contrary to other counties, English isn’t widely spoken. Although French do not generally speak or like to speak English, tourists won’t have much issues communicating in English in most places such as hotels, restaurants and shops – same old stuff, prepare a translator just in case!


Different from in Paris, transportation system here is rather straightforward and easy to comprehend. Besides, the city is relatively small so you can actually walk to explore the city. That’s what most of the people do, but of course, check the info below for better plannings!

Get this ticket at ticket machine outside the train station, or download an app to buy it in advance, to avoid the queue
  • Bus
Pardon me for pulling a Nice puns – buy yourself some Nice tickets on nice Ticket!

For bus, you can buy yourself tickets on their app called nice Ticket, you may also buy them at the ticket machines for sure, whatever ways that best convenient you. Both way are credit and debit card-friendly so it shouldn’t be much of a problem if you don’t have cash, tho cash is also accepted where you can use them to buy ticket from the driver.

By the way, don’t forget to validate your ticket once you start your journey. For mobile ticket user, you can validate it on your app, even for your friends, which means you can buy the package of 10 tickets at a cheaper price and validate them at once if you think 10 trips will be sufficient just for your group!

  • Tram

Trams are quite frequent here in Nice and I would say it’s the easiest way to travel around the city, followed after bus, since the routes are fixed and it’s quite on time most of the situation. Plus, the package ticket are also accepted!

  • Train

A must do transportation in Nice, because you simply won’t stay only in Nice for a week. I mean, yeah, there might be people who do but given the distance between Nice and other destinations like Monaco and Eze are rather close, just visit them if you have time! The price of the train ticket is also reasonable, within €10.

Also, the tickets are available on trainline (in £) or you can buy them at the ticket stations, without booking fee or service charge so do buy it in person if time allows! A penny saved is a penny for enjoyment after all.

Nice Ville station, that’s where the trains depart

Let’s go!

As said, Nice is quite small but to be frank, there are still things to do and places to go! Shall we?

  • Notre-Dame de Nice
On our way to the beach, you will see this Roman basillica situated in the center, built in a neo-Gothic architectural tradition.
  • The Place Masséna
This square is a good place for relaxing, shops and food are everywhere around. You may find people busking as well, from Saxophone to guitar.

Some type of art work has also established here, look!

you may spot 7 of this statues here at the square, each represent a continent and the communication between communities. They are actually created Jaume Plensa, a Spanish artist specialized in monumental art! (according to
How can anyone not love the vibe in Nice?
  • Souvenirs shops

As I said, everywhere. They have all sorts of souvenirs you need, postcards, decors, keychains, tees and anything you may name it.

Notice those miniature paintings on the left? They are actually tiny 3D paintings!
Given France is where Little Prince is originated from, you may also spotted souvenirs for that!
  • The Beach / Coast

Whatever you call it it’ll still be a MUST-DO, I mean, just look at this BLUE ocean. Spend yourself an afternoon or two here, take a nap or do some daydreaming, whatever that makes you happy.

the unforgettable blue, wonderful isn’t it?

Life has been tough so why not?

Noticed those inclining chairs in Blue? They are the symbol of Nice, just like Eiffel Tower in Paris, called ” La chaise bleue“. Which is “The blue chair”

Back in the days, some people would pay a small amount of money to sit there, what they called droit de s’asseoir or permission to sit in English

Its look has also changed quite a few times over the years. In fact, they were removed by the city council in the early 2000 since they could be stolen quite easily. However, such act has cause the loss of the city’s trademarks. They were therefore back a few years after, due to popular demand.

An iconic spot for pictures, for sure.
Romance everywhere..

Extra! Let’s go to Monaco!

It’s once again the question, since we have plenty of time and capacity for that, why not?

  • Transportation

Similar to how you get to Nice from Paris, take the train at Nice Ville Station. The journey is approximately 30 minutes and costing at around £5, booking fee requires for £. So if time allows, just buy it at the ticket machine and it will save you a bit more.

  • About Monaco

So, here we are at the second smallest country in the world. But just because it’s small, doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s not much to see. And in fact, there are quite a lot of fun facts about Monaco!

View from outside the casino

For instance, one out of three people who live in Monaco are millionaires. For the rest, they may be even more wealthier… who knows?

Monaco also has a poverty rate of zero. Most people who work in Monaco don’t actually live there. More than 30,000 French and 5,800 Italian nationals commute to Monaco to work every day.

Also, most of the people who live there were not from Monaco! People who were born in Monaco are Monégasqu, 21.6% of the country’s population were native Monégasque. The rest would be French (28.4%) and such as Italians, who make up 18.7%, and British making up 7.5%, around 2% Russian.

Enough talking, let’s get going!

What attractions are there?

  • F1 Tracks

Monaco is the place where F1, the Formula one holds. People travel there to watch the game, the tracks and they also do gambling there!

And look, we are lucky enough to see Nyck here!
And his car!
  • Casino de Monte-Carlo

As a miniature country, Gambling is actually their major source of income. In other words, we are not gambling we are just doing our best to support the country. Just doing what we gotta do, always help out the others, right?

Surprisingly, local residents somehow are banned from gambling by the government rules. Given Monaco is home to one of the world’s most famous casinos – Monte Carlo, it’s not quite common isn’t it.

Here, foodies!

Here comes the time – for food!

  • Restaurant Le Boccaccio

Highly recommended, a quality one with reasonable price and great portion that allows sharing. Just another wonderful place to spend quality time with your travel partners!

Seafood plater, originally for two pax but look, satisfying the four of us!!
Not to mention the Paella. As many other restaurants, they are famous for their seafood Paella, which has a reason.
Grilled Octopus, nicely cooked
One more seafood pasta as well, recommended
Look at the portion…
  • Di Piu

Recommended by the local, fair price and variety of choices. Good choice for groups and travelers who are looking for placing a safe bet.

  • La Voglia
Seafood pasta, Lasagna, Fritto Misto (Fried Mix)
Well-worth a second time
  • Amorino
You may see this ice-cream shop everywhere especially in Italy, but what’s bad about doing ice-cream everyday and in different places? Here we go!
  • Eric Kayser
Popular bakery, can be found in HK as well but since we are here, why not? 😛
  • The Golden Socca (La Socca d’Or)
As mentioned in the blog traveling to Paris, Socca is a traditional snack in Nice. Its taste can be quite different here compared to Paris. So don’t forget to try them and see if you like them more in Paris or Nice!
For some restaurants here in Nice, they do have seafood like Urchins and Oysters, don’t miss them!

Time flies and once again… we have to say goodbye. Fear not tho, people say goodbye only for welcoming a new start of another adventure!

I will see you all in the next blog post – A day in Eze and Menton!