Easy days

Happy holiday and welcome back folks!

So Nice was relaxing, like super relaxing. After visiting Monaco, I thought to myself maybe we should do some other places as well – glad my trip mates share the same thought.

Eze Village and Menton, are going to be our destination this time. Both places are close to Nice, accessible by both trains and bus within an hour or half, costing from £5-9 which is rather reasonable. But once again, buying tickets at the ticket machine will save you the booking fee, so if time allows, do that!

Basically, the weather in these two places are similar to Nice so there’s nothing much to worry about. Maybe just do what you been doing in Nice, plus a jacket in case it gets chilly sometimes on the hills. Same for the currency, Euros will be used so everything will be just cool the way it was.

(P of ticket)

Let’s start to explore!


Eze is absolutely the very place for people who are seeking for peace, light walk with your friends and some relieving sunlight.

Up top, they have a garden where you will have to pay to enter. But look at the view up there, it’s all worth the ticket, right?

may use a bit of walking to get to the top
A little area of art can be found along the way, so as many other souvenir shops or galleries
The garden has been classified as a “Remarkable Garden”, I mean, not hard to tell why right? Look at the panoramic view up there
Just a wonderful place to spend your morning
The Jardin Exotique d’Eze, opening everyday at €4 for adults and free entry for children (under 12s)


20 Rue du Château, 06360 Èze, France

Opening hours

*July, August  and September 09.00-19.30;

April, May and June 09.00-18.30;

January, February, October, November and December 09.00-16.30.

We should all slow down and take a moment to appreciate beautiful things in life, cause’ why not?

Taking random pictures, thinking about what we should have for lunch, walking by the beach having little chats. That’s how life should be, isn’t it?

Does it look like the back of a llama?
Life is full of surprises so just let there be creativity

*Knowing there isn’t many store for food, snacks or drinks, so we bought our own snacks along the way. That saves you money and time so try to do that when you visit!

don’t forget to get yourself a postcard, good way to preserve memories <3

(from reddit, there so many more other shops where you can find accessories, postcards, little gifts, paintings and jewelries!)


Another relaxing place nearby, where you find beautiful beaches, local markets and nicely established buildings

here we are!

Popular place for a stroll, some random snaps and little chats – by the beach, orange buildings or church… wherever you like

chill, just slow down and rest
may sound a bit superstitious but nah, who cares
Hi lovely
Close or far, just another good spot
Look up and you will find surprises
Good angle for some portraits or random snaps
Missing the time there, it was super relaxing :((