Introducing the Theatre Society🎭

Hi all, today I would like to share with you the Theatre Society within the student’s union. They usually meet on Wednesday evenings, learning about techniques and analysis of theatre.

The very first session that I went to was stage combat. Although I had a little knowledge beforehand, it was amazing to learn the different ways to fake punch someone and other more brutal actions! I have met a lot of friendly faces from across levels and courses, and have really enjoyed the society dynamics.

In early May, the Theatre Society collaborated with MADSoc (Music and Drama Society) and put on a showcase. I was part of a devised piece named ‘Through Our Eyes’, which explores the themes of identity.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process and I would like to share a section of my monologue here:

Hi, my name is Theodora. People say it’s a beautiful name, but they probably don’t know what it means. The name Theodora originates from Latin, and it translates as the Gift of God. I grow up as the youngest sibling, cousin, friend in most communities. And I’m always seen as the jolly one. But you know what, it could be hard when you walk into a room feeling like you have to bring some sort of positive energy, and make sure everyone is being happy.

Around the age of 14, which is probably a bad stage to be in anyways, this starts to become a burden for me. Even when I’m stressed about school, or worried that my friends around me don’t accept me for who I am, I pretend that everything is fine, and put on a smile to cover all those miseries going on in my head. Because I feel the need to be that GIFT for other people.

It was only recently when I was mentioning this to another person, and I suddenly thought: wait a second, no one ever said that this gift from God is for the people around me, right? What if…it’s for me? People say to be grateful for what you have. And yeah, I think I need to remind myself more of that. Because if people love you for who you are, it really doesn’t matter what you did or did not do. It’s already a blessing that you are with them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. Keep an eye out for any updates from the society, including workshops, discussions, performances, and more! Follow them on Instagram (@ussutheatresoc).