The Exotic and Elegant La Spezia

So, it’s true that money can’t buy us happiness, but it can buy us flight tickets to different places and there we are –

La Spezia

A very lovely coastal city which is super close to Cinque Terre, so if you are planning to pay there a visit, this place might be good base for you! There are quite lots of affordable accommodations on Airbnb and other hotels website or applications as well.

Irresistible little city

A lovely little city with nice people, artsy areas and eye-catching views, how could anyone possibly dislike this place?

At one of the city’s main street, you will find this crowded market where some of the best local products can be found! (we are talking about flowers, fresh seafood, raw meat and snacks!)

Spend yourself half an hour, or one in this place to see if you found anything surprising <3
too enjoy that I forgot to take any pics, so I got this pic from the internet to show you all!(source: TripAdvisor)
a little fountain next to the market, ok it’s nothing but why not since I have taken it lol
am not sure who this is, maybe someone can give me a heads up on this?
Art is everywhere, and I wish I can still wear the same smile as he does in my late 80s…
Busking time!
And I happen to see them again on the other day, had to say, they are good!
so I walked up and chatted with them, got their insta. an ordinary story yet motivational, traveling around Italy with their guitar, busking on the streets playing songs they love. that’s the kind of life I want to live
stunning architecture, wonder if the architect of this establishment has been working by her or own work?

Pink Benny

so I was trying to find some good food, and I came across this restaurant! The starter was unexpectedly good, a slight touch of sweetness from the cod with a firm and flaky texture…

Good food is all we love and can’t resist, so just make some good food no matter what occasions it is, we just want to enjoy the moment <3 Love this codfish
呢間的確係高汁,Pink Benny(食嘅時候仲保留到少少蟹嘅鮮味 with a decent portion, sufficient for two people sharing)
How can we miss out Tiramisu in Italy? No way, right?

La Nuova Spezia

Simply sit back and enjoy your food and drinks! (and yes it’s fritto misto, again!)

Like I said, La Spezia is a relatively small city, there’s nothing too fancy in this blog but everything I shared is just what I wanted to share with you guys, cuz it’s just beautiful.

and it reminds me of one saying that I once came across, where it goes

“instead of being a tourist, be a traveler.”

so, what’s the difference?

“tourist is more of escaping from their daily routine, dull ones, where traveler is more of experiencing the moments.

we have been sending time worrying about lots of things in life, working and so forth.

so why not just enjoy the moment, and take some time to appreciate the beautiful things around you? and on the earth?”

right, life is short and there’s a whole world out there for us to explore.

so if you are still struggling, don’t, just don’t end your life regretting not living your life to the fullest.

and so, I’ll see you all in our next blogpost, to Florence 😉