Rome, the ETERNAL city

As Roma loses the UEL final, great number of hearts were broken.  Tho am not a fan of AS Roma, still, they have my respect.  Just how could one not appreciate how far they have come under Mourinho’s management.

Still, everyday I am amazed by how football or other sports can bring together people with different background, nationality and value and so forth

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” 

an adage often said by people to attest the need for time to build something great, so it is Italy’s capital, a historic and timeless city

  • Trevi Fountain

Forget about those architectural style thing, who cares about that when we have something more fascinating to talk about? – The 3 wishes myth

So, the myth was originated from a movie released back in 1954 – “Three Coins in the Fountain” where it goes, 

  • Returning to Rome if you throw one coin
  • Falling in love with an attracting Italian if two coins were thrown
  • What about three?  You simply marry the person you met there

To make sure they happen, you will have to throw the coin with your right hand over the left shoulder of yours.

And so, it’s quite interesting, cuz the word “Trevi“ was derived from Tre Vie, which means three ways as the fountain was the meeting point of three streets.
  • The Pantheon

A timeless architecture, established nearly 2000 years ago where it’s still standing strong and showcasing the greatness of Ancient Rome’s architectural capability.

Free of entry, but may take a little bit of time to queue.  Audio guide charges but it’s absolutely worth it, if you would like more in-depth introduction of this wonderfully-established temple.
Purely stunning, truly stunning

Worth mentioning is, the massive rotunda of the Pantheon is actually the largest unreinforced dome made solely of cement in existence…

  • The Colosseum

Goes without saying the most symbolic icon of Ancient Rome.  The Colosseum is without a single doubt a place to go when visiting Rome, being known as the biggest amphitheater ever built in Italy, if not the world where great number of sporting events and gladiator battles were held for over half a millennium, PURELY STUNNING.

Trying to make use of the light and shadow to uplift the atmosphere of my picture!

Soak yourself up with its long history!

well-maintained I would say, and don’t forget to get a ticket in advance, especially during peak season as queues may get long and takes more than one hour to go in!

It’s amazing just looking from outside… imagine yourself as those watching those events and battles back in the days…

  • The Roman Forum

Not too far from the Colosseum, actually, where you can see the central hangout of Rome.  This area was the central to the religious and commercial life during the heyday of the Roman Empire.  It’s slightly spread out so do allow yourself for an hour of two to walk around and appreciate its beauty, the remaining parts are still as just impressive!

Alright okay so yes, it will actually be a bit too much to digest if I were to include everywhere I’ve been to or things I have done in Rome, so let’s keep these places for next blog!

In our next blogpost, we will also be featuring some good food, souvenir shops and maybe a few more attractions in Rome. So do prepare yourself some loose-fitting clothes, and guys, until then!