Back to our HISTORIC Rome!

Welcome back to the capital city of Italy, Rome for more things to do! After visiting the famous ones like Pantheon, Colosseum and things in the center, it’s time to talk go somewhere slightly different! Let’s go!

  • Spanish Steps

Tho itโ€™s named Spanish Steps, its design has absolutely nothing to do with Spain nor its culture.  It was actually designed by an Italian architects and funded by a French diplomat back in 1723, so it was only named such as it was close to the original Spanish Embassy at Piazza di Spagna.

So, Via dei Condotti, the area nearby is actually a perfect place for shopping, where you can find flagship boutique shops, Italian to European brands – anything you name it
Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”, the one classic scene where she bought an ice cream just when she’s set free. Believed to be the scene that successfully introduced Spanish Steps to the world.

*** However, one thing to bear in mind! The Roman government has decided to prohibit eating, drinking or even just sitting on the steps in order to protect the cultural heritage, so don’t forget to throw away or keep your food and drinks in your bag or you will be fined!

  • Capuchin Crypt 

So, let’s go in a small scale catacomb inside this Chapel. Photos in certain areas are prohibited, so let’s save the surprise and have a look at the teaser for now!

containing the bones and mummified remains of an estimated 4,000 individuals…
Still, there’s an area where you can take pictures.
  • Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

The Museum of Italian Reunification was also harbored in the base of this monument, as well as to go up to the monument’s terrace to enjoy the panoramic view of Rome!

a great national monument built between the period of 1885 and 1935, to honour and commemorate  the first king of a unified Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. And Pantheon is where he was buried after he died!
  • Piazza Navona

A public open space where you can find the Fountain of the Four Rivers and number of statues

where the ancient Romans watch the agones
me every night before exam
The fountain!
And art is everywhere in Rome, so just pay attention or you will miss some fun!
Personalization, who doesn’t love that? (so I bought one as well, consumerism makes me happy!)
Little boutique shops are everywhere as well, pay them a visit and bring something back as a memory!
Lovely tote bag, isn’t it?

Let’s not forget about the food!

  • Osteria Barberini, quite a famous one in town well-known for their truffle!
Tartare with truffle, nothing much could go wrong
A tangy one, definitely something a foodie should go for!
I mean, Tiramisu is something not to miss out in Italy, correct?
  • Taverna Romana

In fact, each Italian city has their own specialty pasta dish(es) so there are actually lots of good food around. And in Rome, you will fall in love with their Carbonara!

Look at those Pecorino!
Saltimbocca, a traditional meat dish cooked with Common Sage, cream and white wine. Love the savory, but do aware of the toothpick inside that drills the meat!

So, that was indeed a lovely trip in Rome.  Hope you guys are also having some good time before your summer holiday and yes, see you all very soon in our next blog post, to Vatican, Capri and Napoli for some relaxation ๐Ÿ˜‰