Stags in Croatia

So the exciting time has come – going on a well-deserved summer break and diving trip with our Scuba Diving society! As said in the previous blogpost, we will be going to Split this time, in Croatia, after such a long semester.

About Croatia…

For the football fans out there, Croatia might sound more or less familiar for you right? Would it ring any bells if I say Luka Modrić, Ivan Perišić or Ivan Rakitić?

Right, some of the most famous Croatian football players in some of the most well-known football clubs (arguably… I reckon) in the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Hotspur. So we know their football are doing quite well, but how does Croatia actually look or feel like?

Here go some fun facts about Croatia!

To be frank, it would be quite easy for the fans of Game of Thrones to imagine how Croatia is like – simply cuz it’s filmed in Dubrovnik, one of the most popular Croatian cities where most of people will go during their vacation, for their breathtaking landscape and view!

but hold on a sec, this is not where we go this time lol

Another thing that Croatia well-know for, was their scenic beaches and crystal clear water!

European version of Maldives! Absolutely not exaggerating
But I mean, it’s still not bad right?

So it’s indeed a breathtaking city, but let’s not forget why are we here for – DIVING!

But before saying anything, huge thanks to Surrey Scuba Soc for organizing this trip. It wouldn’t have been such memorable if it wasn’t for their effort and time!

Diving in Croatia

Let’s cut to the chase and have a look back at what we have found in the Croatian water and what we have done that created all these unforgettable memories!

ft. my dive computer and some lovely sea buddied I found!


As a diver, nudibranchus will be no doubt one of the most common topics, I reckon. And of course, we have spotted quite a few of them and managed to get some good pictures for them as well!


looks like someone’s waving at us!
Let’s take a close shot!
glad I spotted this lovely!
Their size may vary hugely, from 0.5mm (the previous one) to greater than 10cm (this one)!
Look what we’ve found in Split!
this little cutie is actually smaller than 1cm!
and its whole family is out!


Another highlight of the trip! Seahorse at the house reef, spotted this lovely on the first day, a night and cliff dive as well. Look at this a shy little guy, who has a pair of heart-shaped eyes <3



Something not to miss but actually not easy to spot – being lazy sleeping in their own caves or so


something is coming…
Look at this terrifying octopus…

And of course

how could we miss out some cute fishes!
And lobster!

Perks of having a chef

So that’s not up for debate that it’s always a good thing to have a cook in the team, huge thanks for cooking this tasty dinner for all of us!

Makes sense for a coastal city to have good seafood right?
Enjoying my choco lava with some lovely classic songs and relaxing atmosphere, literally couldn’t be more enjoyable @ Restoran Vagabundo, purely TOP CLASS

Bunch of lovely people!
In and out, full of fun time!
Perfect weather
at some point, it became a committee meeting lol
preparing for our final night dive

Fancy exploring underwater? Or simply want to learn how to scuba dive? We have got you covered! Tap here to check out our club insta for more upcoming events or classes updates, it’s always good to know something more so DO NOT hesitate, just check it out and give yourself a chance to go on a new adventure. Tho it may not be some fancy travel blogpost today, this one was still full of love and memories. Join us today if you want to create some more memories just like this for yourself!

Will see you all, very soon, in Santorini!