End of exams

Hello guys,

Sorry for being so inconsistent with the blogs. I am finally done with my lectures and also my exams. To be frank, I did not experience much stress during the exam time. That must be because I had just one exam and had plenty of time to study and revise. That was not the case for my other friends and I saw them go through a cycle of emotions ranging from stress, angry, sad and finally happy (end of exams). Exam time here at the university is very quiet. There is not much happening in the university and everyone is either in the library or in their dorms. The past month held exams for undergraduates, final year undergraduates, post-graduate students etc. Us, post-grads are done with our exams and have advanced into dissertation. Final year undergrads are happy and free and are currently enjoying the post-study time. The next few months is going to be eerily quiet and peaceful as there would be no undergrads partying across campus or arranging events, and it will be us, the poor post-grads (about 30%) of us with our noses inside the computers or books. I am so not looking forward to it.

Time for some happy news, a few days back I visited the Warner Bros. Harry Potter world and it was one of the best times I’ve ever had after coming to the UK. The studio is magnificent and will make you re-live the harry potter movies and will make you appreciate the franchise even more. For all the Harry potter fans out there, make sure you visit the warner bros. studio when you are in the UK. The studio contains all the indoor and outdoor sets, with areas for you to fly on a broomstick (CGI ofcourse), wave a wand and cast a few spells, a souvenir shop (which is pretty costly) and also a cafe that sells butterbeer which is one the coolest drinks i have ever had. This was one of the many things I did to celebrate the end of exams.

See you next time.